MS called me today


I had a CM named Joy who called today in response to an email I sent last week. She listened to my concerns about the latest changes to the DVC program. She said she had taken lots of calls about it and was passing all the comments on to the executive offices.

So… if you have any thoughts you’d like to share with DVC, it is a totally non-scary proposition! :happy:


I think that’s great, at least we know they take our concerns seriously & actually follow-up on things.


She called me on another matter some months ago. I had written that when DH and I had a full cleaning day, we didn’t get more paper plates and stuff. I sort of hated to call housekeeping cause then I would have felt the need to tip. We had a broken drawer in the dresser and the guy spent about 45 min checking and replacing about a doz screws. We felt we needed to tip him. It just urked me that I would/should tip for things that should have been taken care of. So Joy was very "no, no, no, you don’t need to tip for anything like that, but tell you what, let me do something for your next trip. I told her our next trip wasn’t planned for about a yr, but she notice my DS was coming for his honeymoon. She said she would do a little something something for them. The found a small basket with some fruit and cheese and crackers with a balloon waiting in the room for them. I thought that was very nice.


Great customer Service wins every time… That is what makes them so special…


Yeah… not DVC related, but I e-mailed Disney with a few questions about GradNite and got a very prompt and informative response.

I also love how they always end with “Have a magical day!” If that doesn’t cheer you up, I don’t know what does! :happy:


Yay! I am glad others have talked to Joy – she was really a terrific CM with a great phone manner. I liked her as soon as I heard her voice, which is coincidentally very Princess-ish!


I have spoken with her as well regarding the DVC waitlist process and the public offerings of DVC rooms. She was able to get me a ressie and I had in passing mentioned that we were bringing friends on our trip, that it was their 10th Anniv, and when they got to their room, Joy had arranged for a beautiful gourmet basket for them! I actually saved her phone #. She’s a good contact to have and a really nice lady!


I talked to Joy after having to deal with a very “Un-Disneylike” CM when I called the MS number to get the DDP added. She thanked me for calling and pointing out an “opportunity to retrain” the CM :laugh:


I think we should go on a letter-writing campaign for JOY!!!


Any chance I can get one of you to PM me Joy’s phone number?


Sorry, I don’t have it.


I just talked to Joy again after having some concerns after our trip last week. She’s great. I have her number now if anyone needs it PM me.