MS help with ADRs?


Do I call DVC MS at 180 days out for dining reservations? Can they book the whol trip’s worth of ADRs 180 from arrival? Can they get me into LeCellier for Christmas dinner easier than WDW-DINE can?

Whew… :laugh:


Miss Dis-
We just made our ADRs for Oct a few weeks ago. We called the WDW-DINE number and had no problems. The thing they reminded us about was that if you are staying at a WDW resort (and have your reservation #), you can book all your meals from 180 days of your arrival date. If not, it is 180 days from the day you want the reservation. This worked to our advantage on a few of ADRs. I’m not sure if DVC MS would be able to get you your preferred ADR or not?

Prezcatz Paul


I’ve made ALOT of ADR’s lately between our upcoming trip (15 of us!) and the family I work for is going again in October (13 of them!) I’ve booked on the main WDW-Dine # as well as DVC. I personally perfer booking through MS at DVC. But if you are going as a group (12 or more) group dining is awesome! And you can just call their main number and someone answers (no "press 1 for this or press 2 for that!)


OK BDaivs, you have convinved me. I have the plan in place, and now I jsut have to wait two whole months to make the call. tick tock


What is the 411 on making adr’s as a dvc member? Is it 180 days out or 190?
I seem to remember some kind of perk for members.


It’s 180+10 for anyone staying at a WDW Resort.


I used to think there was no difference between the two. BUT, I have been calling about every other day to get an ADR, and was always told there was nothing available for our party size. DH called MS this afternoon, less than an hour after I called WDW DINE and was told no, and got us an ADR exactly at the time we wanted, on the day we wanted, in the restaurant we wanted (Donald’s Safari Breakfast). They were also able to get us a later ADR for dinner one night, that the same earlier call wasn’t able to. So, I will be calling MS from now on!


We had a similar experience this year. I called the WDW DINE number and had no luck getting several places we wanted to eat so DW called MS the next day and they were able to get us in. MS al the way from now on!!!