MS in the news AGAIN! Ughh!


I’m starting to really wonder what is going on with MS…it seems there is another article in the papers every week. Here is the latest:

Woman falls, hits head after Mission: Space - Orlando Sentinel : Tourism


Maybe Disney will finally give up on M:S and put Horizons back.



thats what I was thinking an updated version of horizons would be awesome


I hope not. That is DD’s absolute favorite ride. She has wanted to be an astronaut since she was 5. She has to ride it at least 5 times per trip.


I have to agree. MS is an awesome ride and really adds to Epcot.


MS has an AWESOME theme. But it is WAY too intense for me or anyone in my family. So next time I go to WDW, I will go on the new LESS INTENSE version.


I :heart: :heart: :heart: M:S!!