Mug Testing?


So their finally installing codes on the mugs to scan similar to what they’re already doing at BB & TL.

Can anyone staying at AS verify this-
Disney Testing New Resort Mug Technology | The DIS Unplugged Disney Blog


I can see the need but what happens if you stay at two or more resorts? We often split a 9 night stay into two resorts. And once in awhile you hear TRs where it’s 2 nights here, 2 nights there, etc. because everything is booked.

I wonder how the chips are programmed? Maybe you get it reprogrammed at your second resort.

It will be interesting to hear how people react to using it.


I’ve read some saying it was a joke but since they currently scan at BB & TL then it is plausible. If someone was staying at AS they could verify whether or not it is.


Good point Jo-Jo, and of course there will be ways found round this straight away, there always is.


What? Is there some sort of issue with the mugs?


Nope, nothing to see here Boss. Move along! :smile:


How am I supposed to bring back my old mugs and re use them this fall? THis is garbage.


Don’t be a cheap skate. Buy a new mug each time you go.


You mean that I won’t be able to use my mug from 1998? Darn!


Obviously they heard I was coming to Sports and wanted to make sure I was not tempted to bring my mugs from our spring trip.


Supposedly there are pics on the web of the dispensers already in place but the testing wasn’t supposed to begin until next year. Maybe WDW is privey to an early start. It’s About Time!!!


I would love to see a charge at a yearly price for mug fillings. Kinda like an AP but for mugs. Like 40.00 for unlimited drinks for a year. Or something of that nature. I don’t know what would be an appropriete price would be but you get what I mean. People that go a coulpe to a few times a year could have that option if they wanted it. It would cut down on how many mugs we bring home.


I am happy to hear about this too! Although, I would love to know that guests who resort hop won’t have problems. Also agree with some of you in a yearly price, but also think that the price per mug should vary someone staying 7 days will drink much less than someone staying 14. Just a thought …


Mug testing?

So many possibilities best left alone:cheshire:


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1082945]Mug testing?

So many possibilities best left alone:cheshire:[/QUOTE]

Yep - just too easy …




:laugh::laugh::laugh:[QUOTE=Pam&Rich;1082928]How am I supposed to bring back my old mugs and re use them this fall? THis is garbage.[/QUOTE]


Do you think the mug in the picture looks like they brought back the sports theme and wide mugs??? I DO!
Hoping they go back to resort specific mugs!


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1082945]Mug testing?

So many possibilities best left alone:cheshire:[/QUOTE]

I said Mug testing, not Jug testing. Silly boys lol


The technology probably cost more than the soda.

This is a step up from the secruity tags they hide in the stuff you buy, which for some reason, they can never quite seem to get deactivated properly.

What they REALLY should do is raise the bar.

You wander up with your mug from 1982 and act like you are entitled to refills for life. The sensor realizes that you are in violation of the “this trip only” policy. But instead of not filling your mug, it promptly fills your mug with a frosty serving of…

BEVERLY!!! :blow::laugh: