Mulch, sweat and shears


Dh read that Mulch, Sweat and Shears (one of our favorite parts of DHS) does Holiday songs!

Anyone know when this starts?!


I’ve never even heard of this! what is it?


The band of “gardeners” who perform on the streets in DHS. They have a truck full of gardening supplies and stop in the middle of the street and sing/play/dance around - they really get the crowd involved.

They are so much fun - DH wants a tshirt with their name on it, but we haven’t seen one before.

I guess they do Christmas songs, but I wonder if we’re there too early for that?


They are a favorite of ours too! They do Christmas songs. It was posted last week on their Facebook page that they had started Christmas rehearsals. The Christmas sets probably coincide with the Osborne lights which I think start on the 10th. You can get shirts at Zazzle.


awesome! thanks!!