Multiple Fastpasses


Okay, so last time I went to Disneyland we had this special ticket where we could get multiple fastpasses. (Meaning more than one at a time) It was really a convenience and we got so much more done this way. All we had to do was go when the park opened, run in, get all our fastpasses, go eat breakfast, and come back to enjoy our rides minus the lines. :wub: Yup, it was heaven. I don’t really know how this was done, since my aunt got the tickets. And I can’t get a hold of her. Now I’m 18 days to my date and I’m hoping I could still do this. Does anyone know how to get these tickets? It would be MUCH appreciated. Help a mermaid out! :happy:



The only way that you can get multiple fastpasses is if you book your package through AAA and stay at one of the three Disney hotels. So hopefully thats the case for you this trip as well!


HOLY SMOKES! I’ve never heard of this, but it sounds AWESOME! I’d love to get the details, like which 3 WDW resorts, etc…


It’s only Disneyland right now. As far as I know its not available at WDW. :sad:


Yeah wake up Dew!!!:tongue:


Aw. It was VERY convenient… well, maybe it won’t be so crowded when I go…NOT! :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well, Disneyland is Disneyland. I’ll have the best time of my life no matter what. :slight_smile: