Multiple resort trip?


How does it work if you stay in multiple resorts during one trip? I am thinking about staying in POP for the Saturday, Sunday and Monday night of our trip and then on Tuesday switching to CSR. I already have our trip booked for CSR the entire trip but we would like to try POP for a few days. And it would save abit of money. How does it work, especially if you have the DDP? Do they move you?


Ok… I have not done this… but wanted to for our next stay. When we booked we were told that for each resort we stayed, we would need to book a separate reservation. That also means a separate deposit. I have not idea how DDP would work with this as we have never even used the plan. They will move your luggage for you.

I am sure someone with experience can tell you more.


One tip I’d like to pass on. Last trip was our first time we switched resorts. They picked up our bags and we didn’t get to our new room until 8 ish or so. No bags. We called bell services. They didn’t know where they were.:eek: A few mins later, bell services called, the luggage was waiting at a different resort. So next time we plan to make our own tags…Attn. moving to X resort. We did get the bags after about 1/2 hr or so.


You will likely want to book one room with DDP, one room with the room-only, no package. Each reservation will require a deposit, and with all packages, you need to buy at least a 1 day base ticket. I would start with whatever resort you plan to stay at the longest. Get your DDP for that, and a ticket for your full length of stay. Then spend the last couple of nights elsewhere, if you want to do that. It is rarely worth buying two packages for 1 trip, you might as well just stay at the CSR. Plus, if you check out by 11, you may not have another room until later in the day. So there is an inconvenience factor as well. It doesn’t bother me, but I have a car and can stow by bag in the trunk until the room is ready.


I’ve heard that you’d need to book two separate packages if you want the DDP for both resorts.

We changed resorts this past time (Pop to Poly) but we did a room only and that required two separate deposits for our rooms (and two different reservation numbers) as Daisee said.

Also as Jo-Jo said there is a luggage problem… We ran into similar problems when we switched over.

Also if you plan to use ME–I think we confused them and I had to call 3 times to straighten that out before we left.


We usually stay at two resorts and it’s never been an issue moving but if you are the dining plan your credits don’t carry over to your new resort. You will have one set of credits to use for one resort and those will expire at midnight the day you check out of that resort. You will then get a new dining plan with new credits. It may be cheaper to book one stay since it’s a package that includes tickets, if it were room only you caould get a 10 day pas (or what ever you need) and it would be good for your whole stay.


Thanks for all the info. It sounds like it would be more trouble than its worth. I think I will just stick with our original plan, CSR. I don’t want to have 2 deposits and then try to sort out passes and DDP credits. That just means we will have to go again to try another resort!


I think it depends on the age of your kids too. From leaving one resort to getting a room in the next, you could be “homeless” for 4 or 5 hrs. I think most people just go to a park, so that’s not much of an issue. But if you NEED a room for that afternoon nap, you might be out of luck.


I think this is the best plan. If you were doing 2 AP rate rooms, then it’s a different story. You just don’t want to do 2 packages.



I personally do not like switching…it’s a hassle. I did it one year from AKL to the polynesian and another time from a two bedroom to a studio at OKW…it holds up your entire day. If you plan on taking a rest day, it won’t be a big deal. If you are only there for a short time, it’s not worth it.