I heard a rumor that the back lot tour will become the muppet’s backlot tour

any one have info.:ohmy:


Haven’t heard that but that would be awesome cause I LOOOOOOVE the Muppets!


I love the muppets! I so hope this is true! Where did you hear this from?


I agree! I haven’t heard this but I think it would be great!
Although the last muppet rumor I heard was the muppet “build a bear” type store in HS. That one hasn’t come true yet either and that disappoints me. I’d love to do that!


I’d love to see the Muppets used more. This would be a nice addition.


I agree that it would be AWESOME…It’s time to start the music…it’s time to light the lights…


I grew up with the Muppets on TV and miss it. I wonder where the two old guys will be sitting?


in the balcony of course :happy:


That would be adorable! I love the Muppets!


Who DOESN’T love the Muppets?


Just yesterday at a fundraising event I was coordinating my cell rang (I have the Muppets theme as a ringtone) and one of my volunteers (about early 20-something lady) said- “geesh that sounds like carnival music- What song is that?”

I just shook my head in amazement. How can you NOT know that song? There actually are people that don’t know.

I can’t help but smile when I hear it! Sure beats some of the other options out there!


I read it on another chat site but I’m not sure which one.


Not really sure how I feel about this. Not really a huge Muppets fan :redface:(don’t kill me, I am so sorry!:eek:) I loved them as a kid, but I actually just find them blah, now!


I agree, it is soooo recognizable!! However, I worked with a guy a few years back that had never heard of School House Rock (he was just a young pup :laugh:). I guess this sort of thing happens…