Murphy beds?


How comfortable are the Murphy beds at FW cabins? I have stayed in a cabin but slept in the full bed and bunkbeds. I must say the bunkbeds were much more comfortable than expected.


Our sixteen year old son slept in the murphy bed the entire week we stayed in the cabin (June/July 08). He said that they were comfortable. He is kind of picky so that tells me that they must have been pretty good. The younger boys liked the bunk beds as well. All told, the five of us liked the cabins very much and probably would look at staying in them again. Although my vote is to stay at the Wilderness Lodge next time!!!



I agree- the murphy bed is more comfortable than it sounds.


Isn’t a murphy bed the kind that is in the wall, and then folds down? I have always wanted to try one.

Anyone know what Yogi Berra said about them?

He said he couldn’t sleep standing up.