"Murphy" the Dragon


is now fixed.

“Murphy”, the new Fantasmic! Dragon (as she is named by Disney CM’s) has now been officially fixed and is just waiting on a few new fire pipe parts for the fire breathing effects and is fully running according to plan and could debut as early as the end of this week into the beginning of next week. Officially about 2 months late from its original debut date for Disneyland’s “Nighttastic!” summer event, I suppose its better late than never! This will be one of the most advanced large animatronics for Disney as of now, and to give you an idea of how real this will feel to guests, “Murphy” will be able to bend down face-to-face within just a few feet of Mickey during the show and will be very real and another example of the new Dragon, she is to have LED light eyes that are planned to engage the guests and make the dragon seem real-to-life along with a fully shown and realistic body. Cant wait to see what its like in the show!


Seriously, I am stoked!!! I am not missing this. Hoping to go next Friday.


cool cool, be sure to check her out, you will not be disappointed!


We finally got to see Murphy on Friday… IT WAS AWSOME!!! That dragon is huge and to my suprise even looks evil lol:mickey:


Amazing :smile: