Murray Hill Transportation


We are going to WDW in early September. I needed transportation from the airport to the hotel. I found Quicksilver, and others, but just then I found a site for Murray Hill Transportation. There were testimonials on their site, and the cost was out of this world. A towncar from airport to Dolphin was $80 round trip, plus there will rent strollers (the best ones, which we got) is $20 for the whole trip (not per day), a free 30 minute grocery stop, and a free picture (you supply the camera) at the gate. This was the best deal I can find. I am going strickly on the testimonials and the add, and I will let people know about my experience when we get back. But, I wanted people to know about this place if they don’t already! :smile:


Quickslver thought of implementing the “take a picture at the gates” a while back. I was informed by Disney that this is not a good practice (even if legal if taken behind the “do not park” sign) since it is dangerous to try and stop at the gates with so many tourist driving in there (You’d imagine the mix of excitment to arrive in WDW, and having to break for someone that is stopping for a picture in front of you). I do not mean, really, to say Murray Hill is not a reliable company, just that this extra feature they advertise I would rather pass.


Even if you don’t use that feature, it’s a good deal if you want to rent a stroller without going to a different vendor. I like having everything all in one spot. Has Quicksilver ever thought of renting strollers?


Yes we did, and again, decided not to. Other companies we are partners/friends with tells us that this feature is not used enough, and above all, brings many more problems than good. Strollers are returned in bad condition, dirty, and etc… Even though with the profit made they can/should buy new ones all the time, it is not worth it. Also, most customers prefered to bring their own strollers for many different reasons (mainly because many times the rented stroller was not as they thought it would be). In conclusion, we thought best not to do it… :angel:

We decided not to charge our customer any extras, and to dedicate ourselves in the transportation business, not rentals of any kind (strollers, two way radios, and etc…). :huh:
In the other hand, Quickslver is the only company offering a free long distance or international call, and in a couple of weeks a free gift pack for all customers to take home on their return trip (for the kids, small or big, young or old… :smile: ).

Gregory Nicolas.
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technically its not event legal to stop back behind the signs, those lanes are designed for emergencies, taking a picture in front of the gate is not a emergency and there are too many idiots driving in those area, I can’t event imagine what the liabilty would be to the driver and the company if someone ever got hit by a car there. I heard about this offer a while ago I sent them a email asking them if they thought it was really safe to be doing this. I got no reply to me that means they know they shouldn’t be doing this. Any company willing to offer something that is unsafe for the reason of “ohh I got a cool photo” is not a company I would do buisness with.


Thanks Greg for the Info. To be honest, the stroller is the main reason we went with Murray Hill. We thought about bringing one from home, but after we thought about getting through parking, land/sea terminal, security, bags, ect. with a 22 month and a stroller seemed cumbersom to us. The strollers at Murray Hill are exactly like the one we have at home. I don’t won’t you to think I am aguing with you, I am sure Quicksilver is GREAT! But, for us the stroller rental is a big thing. Thanks for you help in explaining why you guys don’t do it, and let you know that if you did, we probably have gone that way. :smile:


I fully understand you decision and I’m sure you’ll get a good service. Next time maybe, when your child is older, you’ll go with us… :biggrin:


You never know! Thanks Greg!