Music or Movies


I’m adding a day on to my disney trip and would like to stay at a different hotel. My choices are Music or Movies. I’m thinking Music but would like opinions from people that have stayed there. Thanks:mickey:


We have stayed at Music and really liked it,so that is my vote.


:heart: Music
not stayed at Movies

Music pool bril
shop and food court:wub:


We just got back from a weekend trip at Movies and MOVIES is in a dire need of room refurb!!!

ASMusic at least has newly painted rooms with new linens, etc. It’s fresher and cleaner.

Movies has the better pool, but for one night . . . I’d go Music.


Thanks alot for the advice. I was thinking Music anyway so I will stick with that.


I also say 100% music better looking resorts and the pools are nicer and if you use the disney transportation you dont have to wait to stop in music then sports and then your home. lol! trust me we where at movies for a week and the buses was Horrible


music we wanted it for our upcoming trip it was booked …


I have stayed at both, and if given the choice I would choose Music. I liked the theme at Movies better, but the rooms were brighter and cleaner at Music, and it felt like there were more adults at that resort than at the other All-Stars.