Must everyone order an entree?


Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, I couldn’t find it.
We are a party of 6 (4 adults 2 kids) looking to buy the dining plan. I understand at the buffets we’ll be charged 1 TS meal for each person. But what about sit down places like Les Chefs? Can we order 3 adult and 1 child’s meal an share? This would be plenty of food and save us an extra meal for places requiring 2 TS. Has anyone done this?


I am not positive about this. I am sure someone has tried it. If I had to guess I would say probably not…Disney has pretty much thwarted all attempts to maximize the dining plan dollar in the past.


You can have a seperate check for the 4th person in your party I think and order meals that way. Not sure how well this will work out as everyone in your party that is on the plan has to use the plan…you can try it, but it sounds like it’s going to be a hassle and have mistakes.


I think whomever shows up for a TS will be charged no matter if they eat or not. Thats been my experience. But of course we were all hungry enough to eat although sometimes we did not all finish our plates. We share the CS, I tend to be the catfish of the family and eat what everyone else in our family leaves behind. This saves an extra meal for the kids later in the trip.


With the counters, you should have no issue doing it. You only send one or two people up to get food, so you are free to order what you want…the table is going to be tricky. I really wouldn’t bother.

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We ate at O’Hana’s last year and my son (6 at the time) fell asleep right after they brought the drinks to the table. They didn’t charge us for him as he never woke up so we had an extra TS credit. We have also eaten at Beaches’n Cream and shared meals and it has never been a problem. They even put it on 2 plates for us.


I think this would be a real pain and I think it may be frowned upon. Last September we were a party of 4 on the dining plan, but one person in our party was not arriving until halfway through our trip. We made the reservations for only 3 people when we knew he was not going to be there, but they still wanted to charge us for 4 people at a few places because they could tell from our card that there were 4 people in our party. At Hollywood & Vine we even had to ask for a manager to take the extra meal of our bill because our server would not do it.


I called and got a definitive answer which is everyone has to order an entree. But then I found out that that is the answer they always give. In reality, you can say one member is paying cash, have that member order just an appetizer and drink, and share the your entree with them. Not sure if I’m going to try this or not.


My DD5 sometimes does not use her sit down meal and we save it for another day. She’s a tiny eater.

Example: At WGP we all ordered (on DDP) and I said to the CM that by daughter wasn’t hungry, can we save her TS and can she just get a fruit salad and we’ll pay out of pocket. He responded with a “no problem.”

Next day we did a walk up CP and we used her DDP TS then and paid out of pocket for the rest of us. As long as you pay for the extra, I really don’t think they care HOW you use it. They might charge an extra plate fee if you are really planning to all share, but most places do that.


This seems so odd… there is no rule that says everyone on a room reservation (and hence the DDP) must eat at the same time at the same restaurant. If only three people show up for a sit down restaurant, I can’t fathom why they would want to charge the card for 4 meals. It makes no sense. :blink:


If it is a meal where items must be ordered from a menu where prices are listed, and is brought by a server, then there is never a per-person charge. A mandatory per-person charge is ONLY for a buffet (such as Hollywood & Vine) or a meal that is served family-style (such as 'Ohana).

I’ve heard of non-Disney restaurants mandating a “sharing charge,” but I’ve never ever heard of a Disney restaurant charging someone for a full meal just sitting there, IF it is not a buffet or a family-style meal. There could be some sort of sharing charge, but it would be nominal.

The whole “you’ll be charged whether you eat or not” … how could that even happen at a non-buffet, non-family-style table-service restaurant??? If this was at a “traditional” menu meal such as at Brown Derby, what on Earth would they say: “OK, well it seems your 4th person who DIDN’T EAT would have ordered the seared day boat sea scallops appetizer, followed by the pan-roasted duck breast with venison sausage entree, strawberry cheesecake and a Diet Coke, so we are adding $50 to your bill”??? I don’t think so. WHat did they charge your party for, monrailrider???


Calling Disney with such a question will do no good. The cast membes who answer the 407-W-DISNEY calls are NOT experts in all things WDW … they are trained only in resort reservations (not whether they have towels at the pools … strictly reservations), dining/special event reservations (not if a dish has peanuts in it or if there is a sharing charge … strictly reservations), and ticket SALES (not the USE of tickets … strictly SALES). Unfortunately, many of them will provide answers, anyway, whether or not the answer is right. Sad, but true.


Two years ago on our way down to Disney my DH had food poisoning from the food court in St. Augustine. On arrival he went to our room and the rest of us went to dinner( 3 adults and 1 child) We went to 1900 Park Fare. We explained he was ill and they didn’t charge us. The same for the next day although I don’t remember wher we ate. On the third day he was up to join us but he was not eating at that point, just drinking and jell-o or yougurt(poor guy) :crying:We were at Chef Mickeys that night and explained what had happened and DH offered to wait in the lobby but they allowed him to come in and join us, he ordered a drink and our wonderful waitress even brought him a dish of jell-o :laugh: I guess it’s all in who you speak with. DH did look awful though :laugh:


My kids are not big eaters and we have had them share at counter service but never at a table service.


My 9 year old DD and I shared several table service meals during our trip in August. And my DH doesn’t do breakfast so we used the plan twice without him for breakfast. It may depend on if it’s adults sharing or adult/child, but we didn’t have any problems. Problems with sharing that is, now trying to use the snack credits for anything other than drinks was a hassle.:confused:


We worked it out so everyone gets an entree at the table service restaurants. Just means will be having snacks for lunch one day. I really didn’t have to post this except I need it to get to 100 posts. Figured, since I started this one, I might as well post it here. Sorry for wasting anyone’s time who is reading it.