MUST WATCH! World of Color video


YouTube - World of Color Officially Opens at Disney California Adventure Park

I have never wanted to buy a ticket to California as much as I do now.

I thought the food/viewing options were really perfect, and the show looks insane!


Thanks for posting! I can’t wait until next year! I like the fast pass idea and if you stay at GC they have a viewing area.


From what I have read the DL shows blow the WDW new nightime shows out of the water.


Okay, I have sooooo many questions. Is this brand new or do they do this every year at Disneyland? Will this ever come to WDW? How long is it going to be there?


here’s the full version…all 27 minutes…amazing. I skimmed through it.

YouTube - World of Color world premiere full show at the Disney California Adventure theme park


wow, i have never thought about going to dl maybe this may change that.


Wow this looks amazing. WDW needs to get something like this! :happy:


Oh. My. Goodness.

That show looks amazing. The preview itself was breathtaking.

And the viewing options do sound really good. Fastpass for viewing - what a great idea. I’m betting that if that works, they’ll bring that to WDW with Illuminations.

The problem with Illuminations being in the center of the lagoon is that there’s so many tree obstructions. I don’t think that will be as big of a problem at DCA.

Wowww… I really want to go to California, right now!!!


All I have to say is WOW!!!

Thanks for sharing.