MVMCP - 2 nights?


Is this something to do twice? Can you see it all in one evening?


We do it all in one night. But we like to do two nights sometimes because the parade and the fireworks ar great.


I agree you can do it all in one night. Some years we have gone once, some years twice. It is just fun.


It’s a must see and yes you can see it in one night. It just depends on how much time you spend on rides or shows. I think planning is the key


You can see most of it in one night! Use this night to enjoy all the Christmas activities and not the rides . . . plus there are cookie/apple slices/coco spots and the characters are all dressed in their holiday outfits . . . very cute!

Like said the parade and fireworks are NOT TO BE missed! Awesome! :heart:


MVMCP is something you can most certainly do in one night. The fireworks and parade are really the only major things that are different. You get cookies, hot chocolate and a few extra character meet and greets. Aside from that, non-MVMCP is really no different from any other night.


It’s cookies and “hot chocolate” for Christmas. They only give out candy for Halloween and the Pirate and Princess Parties.

That said, you can do pretty much everything in one night if you stay from start to end. Also, depending on when you go and how long you’ll be there, Holiday Wishes and the Christmas castle show and parade are performed all during the week between Christmas and New Year’s during regular park hours.
But, if you want to do it twice, go ahead.
I actually went to 3 PPP’s in 2007. Of course I had the excuse that I was taping the fireworks show. Normally we only do one of any hard ticket event in any season.


Yes I was confused :blink: I thought it said MNSSHP!! Sorry! :laugh:

FYI, last P&PP I was at . . . no candy! Just beads and gems!


For the extra ticket cost - no way it’s worth a 2nd night.


We did MVMCP 2 years ago, and I wish we had done it twice. We are character hunters and there are so many characters only out during the special parties, that we spent the whole night getting autographs and taking pictures! We didn’t get to see any of the shows, other than the parade and the fireworks.

So, this year, we are going to MNSSHP, and we have planned to do it twice. The first night we’ll be stalking the characters and the second night we’ll have fun and ride rides, etc.

It completely depends on how you spend your time, but I think you could definitely do it all in one night, if you don’t spend most of it in line like we did!


It does also depend on you wanting to spend around $100 instead of around $50 for an adult ticket for a 6 hour event. And don’t forget the Epcot and the Studios also have nighttime Christmas entertainment as well.
For example, you could spend your whole night in Epcot doing the Candlelight Processional, the nightly tree lighting, meet Santas from around the world, and finish with the seasonal version of Illuminations and only need your park hopper or annual pass, both of which are good in the other parks, and have your night end at 9:30 and dawdle your way out through Mousegear for an hour.


I guess it is us, but I think that going twice is overkill. We go every year, and it gives us something to look forward to, but going more than once a trip is just not worth it and at least for us lower the magic.


As my better half already said, yes, you can do it all in one night and have a great time, but it depends on what you like to spend your time doing. If you spend most of your time doing just rides, especially the ones that typically have long waits, or looking for rare character autographs, or doing one of the dance parties, etc, you may feel like you have “missed out” a bit at the end of the evening. But, the opportunity is definitely there to do a little bit of everything and have a great time in just one night.

Prezcatz Paul


I would do it twice if my trip had the wiggle room…lord knows every time I did the MNSSP, I wished I did it twice…lol the parties are so much fun…totally different way to experience the parks.


I’m with Dana! We went to the MNSSHP last year and wished we did it 2 nights. We thought is was well worth the money to get in with such a little crowd and the enjoyment of the night, makes is that much better!If I did, I may skip MK for the whole trip that way and save me on not getting extra days for the park tickets. But who knows, MK is my favorite park so it’s questionable. I’m still trying to pursaude my fam to do 2 nights of MVMCP this year.
So me, I’m all for 2 nights!


We did it all in one night, but we didn’t get on any rides, our attention was focused on all the events. Which was amazing but at the same time there were NO lines. I would enjoy it twice. Once to take it all in, and the second to take advantage of the low crowds and not rush.


Well, it depends really. I’ve been to a MVMCP where it was PACKED window to wall and I wished we had another night there. I’ve ALSO been to a MVMCP where we were able to do and see EVERYTHING during one party. If you have the spare spending money and wish to purchase the tickets, why not. Would I do it twice, probably not. BUT, it IS a fun party with lots to see & do!