MVMCP advice please?


My Dh and I are going to WDW in Dec. I have always wanted to see it at Christmas time. The trip is already booked but we really can’t afford it. My parents have paid and said we can pay them back after Christmas. So i really wanted the whole experience but due to money I am thinking on not booking the party. Are we missing out on a lot or do you get the Christmas effects and parade with just a regular trip to the MK?:confused:


If you can’t afford it don’t force yourself to do it. I will tell you from when I went it was the most magical thing ever. Eating cookies, getting hot chocolate, it was the best.


For us, we like it because of the low crowds and the atmosphere. But I also know that it is getting very expensive. We hemmed and hawed about it for quite a while.


I am not too worried about crowds since its just Dh and I no kids. We also have extra magic hours the next day.


I wouldn’t sweat it. If money is tight, do it another trip. It’s all about getting there and being relaxed.

(w/out the expensive wine - I still shudder about that. What was I thinking? I wasn’t - that’s the problem. Curse you Biergarten!)


Then I wouldn’t even give it another thought. The hot cocoa wasn’t that good.:laugh:


Though the party is fun, there is so much Christmas magic just being in the parks, you really won’t even miss the party. We’ve been there for the Christmas decorations 6 times. but only went to the party twice. I’d wait til you can afford it. It’ll be there waiting for you.


Really, MVMCP isn’t worth what they charge. I mean, it was a lot of fun, but if money’s tight, I wouldn’t worry about it.

There are nights at DHS where they have fake snow at Osborne lights. There are so many ways to experience Christmas at Disney without forking over the dough for MVMCP.

Other things to consider:

  • spend a day visiting the deluxe resorts
  • Get PhotoPass pics in front of all the Christmas trees (they are ubiquitous)
  • get a good viewing location for IllumiNations. The Holiday extra at the end will make you cry (always makes me cry)

I’m sure others will have great ideas too…


MVMCP is a lot of fun, but if money is tight, don’t sweat it, and save it for another trip. There is so much to do there during the holidays. Go to Osborne lights at DHS (free), go to the CP at EPCOT (also free, or get the dinner package). DtD is also beautiful. There is so much to do, to get you in the holiday spirit, and the whole place is beautiful.


We had to chose between the halloween party and the christmas party and so I asked my expert disney friends and they all unanimously said halloween. So we did it and while we had a lot of fun, most of it was because our kids got a lot of character interaction with little to no wait. Other than that, if we didn’t have the girls, I wouldn’t shell out the 50.00 since we too are pretty broke right now.


Thanks for the support and advice. I feel better about skipping it!


I would agree, that Halloween is much better… Not really any comparison. You will not be missing too much if you don’t go. Have a good time- the decorations will still be there. Enjoy just being there- you don’t have to do it all…