MVMCP-convince us to go!


OK, after going back & forth, reading good & bad reviews, I still can’t decide on MVMCP!!! Here’s the thoughts that keep poppong in my head:
-We would go on 12/11. Pop Warner Super Bowl is at Disney 12/4-12/10 & MK is open until 11PM on 12/10, meaning HUGE crowds???
-We attended MNSSHP & it was great!! how does this compare?
-All I keep reading is how bad the crowds are. What do you think for a Sunday night?? At MNSSHP, it was a 10 minute wait for Small World, walk-on for Pooh & Dumbo. About the same?? Worse??
-It seems to me Epcot is more the place to soak in some holiday spirit, am I wrong?
I’d hate to pay the $40+ and be disappointed. We’ve set a high standard from MNSSHP, & if the only thing we’d miss is a parade & fireworks, I’m fine with that. I can see it snow at home. Are all the other holiday shows performed when the park is normally open??
Thanks for all & any advice!!!


Iv’e gone the last 4 or 5 years to mvmcp and have never been disappointed I have always gone on a sunday at the begining of Dec. I have encountered busy and not so busy times, waits and no waits. I think at the begining of the month the crowds are usually lighter. The parades and fireworks are awesome. Hope this helps. I know others on here will rave about it.


Does this help? We have been at the holidays but we have never gone to MVMCP…


We haven’t been to MVMCP and we plan to next December. We have been to MNSSHP and loved it. I can’t see being disappointed and I have seen plenty of snow but never in MK and look forward to all the Holiday merriment


Been on Fri nights before, and it was crowded. Still fun though. Going to try Sun nite this year 12/11 actually. I think the crowds will be much thinner as Monday will be a school day so that will cut out alot of more or less locals.

Plenty of holiday magic in all the main parks and resort hotels. It’s my fav time to go.


We have never been but are going this December 15th! We are going with Disneymom who HAS been and said it was the highlight of their trip that December!! She says there is nothing like it!!! I feel like early Dec should not be too bad but even if it is crowded I think it really sounds worth it!! You should go!!


We’ve never been but we are going to try it this year on 12/4. I can’t wait!


I think it’s something that should be experienced once. It is a lot of fun and we didn’t find it overly crowded (I’m afraid I don’t remember which night we went, but I think it was like Dec. 7th. The parade and fireworks are very cool and it’s all really about soaking up the holiday atmosphere. I don’t recall that we rode very many rides, mostly watched parades and shows. They also showed SpectroMagic the night we were there, I think. I believe it’s worth the money.


It is a fun atmosphere. It really gets you into the holiday spirit. The parade is good and the fireworks are really good. We have gone to MVMCP for the last 6-7 years and have never been dissapointed.
We just got back from WDW and went to MNSSHP on 10/28 and 10/31. To be honest, I thought MNSSHP was better than MVMCP. I think the Halloween atmosphere was more exciting. You see so many people dressed up in costumes and it was a lot of fun!
Since you will be there, I would go to the Party. You get to see the characters in their Christmas get ups and the parade and shows really get you into the holiday spirit.
Lines for rides have always been short. I do not think you will be dissappointed, just be prepared that MNSSHP is Different from MVMCP.
Have fun!


We went last year and really enjoyed it! We just weren’t prepared for how cold it was. I also remember people saying it was very crowded on the Friday night. We went during the week and it wasn’t bad. We are going again this year, on a Sunday and a Tuesday.


We’ve been two years and have tix again for this year. I think, like everything else in Disney, you should experience it just once for yourself. Everyone’s experience is different.

I would agree that the crowds shouldn’t be too bad on the night you chose because:

  1. it’s a school/work night for locals and
  2. it’s still fairly early in the month.

But, having said that, I think you should go with the expectation of seeing and doing the different things the MVMCP offers, and if you get to go on some rides too, consider it a plus.


JUST DO IT! It will be fun! :tongue:


We went on the Sunday night after Thanksgiving and it was not bad. The park had been mobbed on Friday, Saturday, and early on Sunday, but then folks must have caught their flights home cause it was not bad at all that night. We rode darn near everything that was open with little or no wait. About the only thing that WAS crowded was the free MVMCP picture booths, we passed on those.

Hope this helps, Harry


Yes, ddoll, this is very good advice. :mickey: There are special shows and the parade is very lovely as well. We really didn’t concentrate on the rides, more on the atmosphere.


I can’t wait, we are finally getting to go! I wanted to do this 2 years ago but it just didn’t work out. It’s gonna be great!


My advice to anyone who hasn’t been to MVMCP is go ASAP. It is awesome. Snow on Main Street. Free cookies, and hot chocolate, what’s not to love.


The $40 tickets :biggrin:


How’s this: A HUGE parade with nearly 350 performers and extremely beautiful costumes and floats, beautiful christmas decorations every where you go. All the cookies and hot cocoa you can eat and drink. This year could have a brand spanking new fireworks display (for those who saw incredibly awesome HalloWishes was during MNSSHP imagine that level just a different holiday), a brand new version of Celebrate the Season (the castle show), also the equally beautiful Twas the Night before Christmas show, all your fave characters in holiday clothing, all your favorite rides with 10 min or less wait. Tell me you DON’T want to go to MVMCP and I can’t help but laugh.


OK, you all win!!!
Now, ouur plans have changed a little, so we’re thinking about going 12/8, a Thursday night. We have ADR at Crystal Palace for 4:55p that night, so hopefully it won’t be that bad!!1
Then to Universal the next day!!
Thanks to all!!!


Good Job you won’t regret it!!