MVMCP for 2006


I am thinking about making reservations for early december . I want to bring DS to MVMCP. Just wondering if there is a way to get the dates for it for 2006 so I can make reservations for the right time. We havent gone to MVMCP since 2002. Last time we went ds was 1 yr old. He will be 5 in December so I wanted to incorporate his bday with the MVMCP.



A few of us our waiting for the official dates to come out. Here is a link that was given to me in a previous post for the unofficial guides dates:

While these aren’t the official disney posted dates yet, I have found the touring plans info to be pretty accurate. Atleast you can get an idea and start planning! We’ll all let you know when the dates are released!


You sure will find out here once the dates are posted. They come out in sometime in the Spring.


We will be there Dec 15-22. How do you get these tickets? If you are buying a package from a travel agent can you ask them to add it on? Do you have to call like you would when making an ADR? I think it is something I would like to plan to do.


Allyson :slight_smile:


Allyson, it’s great fun! I went for the first time last year and really enjoyed it. You can purchase the tickets through the disney website or by calling disney. I’m sure your travel agent can add the party onto your plans and secure tickets for you.

Tickets usually run about $37 for adults (though AP holders got a discount on certain dates last year) and you can begin purchasing them as soon as the announcement of dates is final (usually springtime).

We’re going back this year with Mom and Dad!! I can’t wait!!