MVMCP - is it worth it?


Pete and I are leaving for WDW in about an hour, and can’t decide whether we should buy tickets for MVMCP tonight. We’ve never done it, and it will be about $100.00 for both of us. What does it get you exactly? Help, please!


MVMCP is set up just like the Halloween party if I’m not mistaken…different theme of course, but the same idea. You get 5 hours in the park after it closes. There are all sorts of holiday themed things going on…dance parties, sotry telling, special parade and fireworks. I would do it just for the experience alone. Go for it.
You get a discount with your ap too.


Hmmm I didn’t know it was 5 extra hours. I have to be at work early tomorrow, and if I leave at 11PM then I won’t be in my bed until 1AM. Thanks for the info, Dana! Maybe I’ll go another night on a weekend.


EJ There is Snow and hot chocolate and cokies too! We are going twiceon our trip it should be a blast! You should try and get there one week end!


wow, snow! That sounds amazing!!! How many times do they do it throughout the season?’s aprox. $50 each?

Here is the info from Disney


They open the gates to this event at about 4pm, even though the official time isn’t until 7pm, so if you want, you can skip buying a park ticket that day and just hang out at the hotel or something else until late afternoon. Otherwise, you spend a lot of money on one day.