MVMCP, MK Hours & CP


Is being obsessive/compulsive a bad thing?

I’m really struggling with planning the day of MVMCP.

We’ll be going to AK for a majority of the day because it’s an EMH day for AK. Then, we’ll check into the Contemp (switch from PC) around 3:30.

When/where should we eat dinner?

I know about the LTT thing, but we’re not big fans of the LTT food. So, I thought I’d get a 5pm PS for Chef Mickey’s. But, after reading some reports at Deb’s site, I realize that they could begin letting people in for the party as early as 5:30.

Is the LTT the only place open for dinner? What about CP? Assuming that MK closes at 5pm (which, I’ll need confirmation on that) how late of a PS can I get for CP?

I’m so confused!


Too many abbreviations. . . cannot understand the post. . . need a translation guide.


What we’re doing the day we’re going to MVMCP is a late lunch. Ours will be at LTT 'cause we like lunch there, but even if CP isn’t open for dinner a later lunch might work & then you’ll be able to be there as soon as they let you in for MVMCP…just a thought!


MVMCP = Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
MK - Magic Kingdom
CP = Crystal Palace
LTT = Liberty Tree Tavern
EMH = Extra Magic Hour
AK = Animal Kingdom
PC = Pop Century

How’s that? :wink:


The thing is, I’ve heard many stories of people who were ALREADY inside and simply got wristbands, even though they weren’t at the LTT.


Maybe they’ll know when you make your PS how that works…


I may be mistaken but when we went to MVMCP in Dec 2002, I believe that they let us in around 4:00. MK closed to the general public around 6:00. If you didn’t have a wristband, you had to leave.


You? Obsessive? Nooo.

Anyway, since you are exactly like my DH,
all I can say is that his OCB always makes our vacations pretty easy.
We always know what to do!



So, it seems I’m going to try and get a 4:30pm seating for CP.

One other question… with 2 parts.

What time does the snow on Main St start to fall and what is it made of?


So did you get the wristband at the park entrance?


Hi ilvminnie
Yes we got a wristband at the park entrance.


Has anybody ever gotten a wristband while already in the park that DIDN’T go to LTT for dinner?


Matt I am curious about this too. I am going to MVMCP on Nov. 30th. I also would like to know if I can get a wristband while inside the park or do I have to eat at LTT. I am not sure if my DD will be thrilled with the atmosphere there. I would hate to have to leave the park only to re-enter a little later. Maybe we will do another park that day…head to the hotel for a little rest (it will be a late night for my early bird DD)…eat somewhere along the monorail (Poly perhaps)…then head on over. I am so confused about what to do!! :huh:


We have been to the MVMCP and had dinner reservations around 4pm and never ever did we use our MVMCP tickets. We came out of the restaurant (LTT) and bumped right into the parade with all the other MVMCP participants. No wrist bands, etc. My question is, why are we purchasing the MVMCP tickets when we could have made reservations at LTT and then walk right out into the park into the middle of the fun? We almost took that chance this year for our trip in November, but decided not to risk it. However, I’m sure there are many that are not buying the MVMCP tickets and participating in the fun.

Any thoughts from anyone?