MVMCP next year question


Hi all! I am wondering if MVMCP starts the day after Thanksgiving? I’m thinking of going with Dd next year! Thanks!


MVMCP usually starts in mid November. This year, it started around the 10th or 11th. They post the dates for the party in late June / early July.


thank you!


It should be noted that usually they do not schedule any parties at all during the week of Thanksgiving. They resume the parties the following week.


what is MVMCP?:blush:


[QUOTE=Kidani & Me;1009683]what is MVMCP?:blush:
Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party


We missed it this year but are hoping to do it next year. With this in mind, I am just curious how you guys would compare MVMCP with MNSSH. Which do you like better and why?


Halloween gets my vote hands down. Both are fun, but I think that the Halloween party is like nowhere else… REALLY FUN! (For the record, I liked the Christmas party too…)


[QUOTE=lscjamouse;1009695][QUOTE=Kidani & Me;1009683]what is MVMCP?:blush:
Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party[/QUOTE]

Thanks! I think I need to get up with the lingo lol


I think the Halloween parties are much better. The last Christmas Party we went to was in 2005 and it was soooo packed it was almost not enjoyable. I would like to try the CP again one time, maybe right around the time they start in mid November.