MVMCP plus a ticket? Yes or no?



I have tickets for the MVMCP on Dec 18th. With the new fantasyland opening and the Be Our Guest quick service only open till 1 or 2pm. Should I purchase an actual ticket to enter the park early in the AM so I can see and do everything? Please advise.


Is that the only day you’re going to Magic Kingdom? Will you have multi-day passes?

If you have multi-day passes, it will only be a little more to add an extra day, so that wouldn’t be a bad idea. But if you are only going for the party, I don’t think I would whip out the extra $90 on top of the $50+ to attend the party just to eat at Be Our Guest.


Agree with LMM on this. I am purchasing AP’s next week for our trip and contemplating now whether to pay the AP’s up front or do the monthly plan and then add MVMCP tix for one evening.

Decisions, decisions…


Be aware BOG might be very busy for that meal. We were there a few days ago and there was a huge line just waiting to get in. The CM said people start lining up at 10 for the 10:30 opening for lunch.

We didn’t want to wait in a line for lunch, so I have no idea how quickly it moved.


I agree… save the BOG for later and just enjoy the party!