MVMCP question!


Hi all,

We’ve never been to Disney this time of the year! Is it worth going to this party? We would have to go on 12/8(friday) since we might not arrive in time to go on the 7th(thursday). Would the crowds be worse on friday? Our kids are 10 and 13 but in Disney they are like little kids!!Thanks for the help!!



Even though you can normally expect the crowds to be higher on weekends, accounting for locals attending the party, I think you’re still early enough to avoid the real crowds. They don’t start until you get a little closer to Christmas.

Since this is your first Disney holiday, I think the MVMCP is a must-do!


I will be there the same time as you! I have done the party 3 times and absolutely L:heart: VED it!!! However, we’ve opted NOT to do it this trip, since we’ve done it so many other times and we now have TWO little ones to drag around the park while they are sleeping at night! :blink:

But I must say, since this is your first time going around the holidays, you DEFINITELY need to add this to your MUST DO list!!! Buy your tickets in advance…you get a discount by doing so. I also must add, that you should make an ADR for dinner that night in the park for around 4:30/5:00. This way, you don’t have to waste a park ticket to get into the parks that day, and since you have your MVMCP ticket, they start letting people in at about 4 which is great! Everyone in your family will get a FREE family portrait and don’t forget about the FREE hot cocoa and YUMMY sugar cookies all night long!!!



We loved the party and are already booked to go again this year! :slight_smile:


This year , the MVMCP is the first thing we are doing. What a great way to start our 11 day adventure at wdw…My son (14) has never been, and this is only my second trip, so after our 30+ hour trip (3 flights) the day before, we are sleeping in till 12, going to DTD for afternoon tea/ lunch??? and then MVMCP on the 12/7…I just cant wait to see his face when he walks thru the gate…the decorations, music, smells, people, rides, food, all add up to a fantastic time.
Bring it on!!!


We did it twice last last christmas with a 13 and 10 year old. They (and us) loved it! It was a gret nite with very little lines. We went on the last 2 party nights. As WDW only sell a limited number of tickets it should never be that crowded!

Go for it, it is great!


This is very good advice. We do the same thing for dinner on the nights we are there for the MVMCP.


Thanks, LMS!!! :cool:


Do you think that it will be more crowded on thursday 12/7 or friday 12/8? We didn’t plan to arrive until thursday early eve.(we don’t know our flt. sched. yet) and we didn’t want to chance buying a ticket for MVMCP and not make it there in time. We might try to get there a little earlier but we were also trying to get in a day of school. So my ? is if we go on friday as opposed to thursday will it be more crowded? Thanks!!:confused:


Well when you get to the weekend, you have to figure in locals as well as vacationers.

The best thing about going on Thursday is it’s the official Mousefest MVMCP night. We have the Rose Garden reserved for viewing the fireworks! And yes, anyone can be part of Mousefest.


hi again,
we will be there on the thursday 12/7 and would be interested in viewing the fireworks with other disney fans…so where abouts is the rose garden, and what time should we be there???any other info would be great…I love to plan…I am a librarian :happy:


The Rose Garden is that little area that you can see on the side of the castle down by the water if you’re on the pathway to Tomorrowland. Some of it has a covered section, like a big gazebo.

Be sure to wear a nametag and/or speak up and tell us who you are so we can say hello!


We’ll be there too!! We booked our flt. and will be there in enough time to make it to MVMCP!! We’ll meet you in the rose garden!!:mickey:


Excellent! Look for me there to say hello. This is me in the yellow at the MVMCP meet last year with some other internet friends. Hopefully I won’t be wearing the same thing… :blink: …but still you can find me there.


I will certainly look for you!! Are those special lanyards you have?


Yes. They give them out at the meets.


Does Mousefest have the Rose Garden reserved every year (Thursday night) during the MVMCP? If it does, we will to have keep that in mind when we schedule our next trip.


ddoll, do you need to register for the meet?


I don’t think so. I think this is one of those that you just show up for. But if you go to allearsnet and sign up for Mousefest, you can get on the mailing list and be notified of all the latest news, including updates on the meets.