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Hi y’all,
I have a question about MVMCP:
The website shows MVMCP happens on Dec. 2, 4, 6, 9, 11, 13, 16, 18 and 20.
With special fireworks show, special parade, decorations etc.

OK then if you go to MK on a date not listed (Dec 3,5,7,8,10,12,14,15…etc) is there NO fireworks or just the normal show…and no parade or no special Christmas parade?

And if your staying on resort…with extra magic hours…you still need ANOTHER ticket for the MVMCP on a day you already have admitance to the park?



If you go to the Mk on a non MVMCP date, then you will see the regular parade and the regular fireworks display " wishes"

You need a separate ticket for MVMCP. The park closes for day guests at 6 or 7 ( Check the website for exact times).
Wristbands are given to people who have tickets to MVMCP.
Hope this helps. We go to MVMCP every year. We enjoy it !


Welcome to MB gwdoug. They do have fireworks and parade on days that they do not have MVMCP. As far as EMH, they will not have evening hours on those nights in the MK. They may have early opening days, but not the night hours. MVMCP is well worth the additional price of admission (IMHO), and the special parade and fireworks are awesome!! After the first parade, the park empties out that much more, and you can virtually walk on to any ride/attraction. The other holiday shows are not to miss either!


Thanks for the info.

It sure helps for planning.

Thanks again,


If able, try to attend. It is not often that it snows on Main Street. Also, be sure to see the Osbourne Lights in MGM. :santa:


Welcome to MB!
The park usually closes at 6:00 or 7:00 on party nights. They will have the regular parade in the afternoon and Wishes will close the park. The park will re-open for the party. There will be a different holiday parade (not to be missed, loved the toy soldiers) and holiday Wishes.

Make sure you get some hot cocoa and cookies.

You can get a bracelet and admission with your party tickets as early as 4:00 p.m. If you do this, the time between regular park closing and the party beginning is really quite. Not too many people there and you can get in ride lines with no wait.

On non-party days the park may be open longer with just regular Wishes.
The party is a separate ticket event. I’m not sure if they have EMH on party days, maybe morning ones.

I hope this helps.


So when does the actual party begin? Sorry if I missed this somewhere


It usually starts at 7pm. It is really fun and I highly recommend it.


We already have our MVMCP tickets for 12/4 and weren’t otherwise planning to go to a park that day (I know, I know, NOT go to a park? But I’m dealing with the fam here…:glare:).

Does this mean that we don’t have to wait until 7pm to get in, but can use MVMCP tickets instead of a park pass to get in at 4pm?

Just want to make sure we’re there asap.:happy:


Yes, you can get in as early as 4 pm with your MVMCP ticket.


Thanks for the info eveyrone


thank you!!! we did get tickets for Nov. 12 yippppeeeeee (not excited at all:whistling :whistling


Here’s the things they didn’t tell you. Wishes is actually performed EVERY night, even on party nights. The sun sets early enough that it’s dark enough for Wishes at 6:30 on party nights with the park closing to non-party guests at 7. The parade on non-party nights is Spectromagic, and is very different from the Christmas parade and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should make the time. Starting on the 23rd, and more likely the 22nd, they usually start running Holiday Wishes nightly instead of Wishes through the end of the year, although without the extra, special perimeter bursts.


Veteran’s Day is a little early for Christmas, don’t you think? How about getting through Thanksgiving first?


I am so glad they are doing it for Veterans Day. We’re going Nov 9-12. This is the same time we went 11 years ago and all we saw was unlit lights. It will be so wonderful to see them lit. With my husband’s job, this is the latest in the year we can go. He goes on winter shift the next week and vacations are limited.

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I don’t care what time of year it is, I am there and I’m gonna have a Christmas party Yayayayayyaaaaaayyyyyyy

can you tell that I am getting a little bit excited?:tongue:


We LOVE MVMCP . . . we went last year for the first time and WANT TO GO AGAIN! Make sure you do get a wristband, cuz they do check. Only Disney can make it SNOW in FL!! And the parade is the BEST! I have pictures if you want to see them?


I am going the second night Nov 15th.Will all the lights be lit or do they add more in Dec?
By the way,it is never to early for Christmas when you are in Disney!!
bah humbug to Soundgod


We’re going the second night too! Can’t wait. This is a first time for MVMCP for us.

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First time for us too.We did MNSSH in 2005.That was cool,so hoping MVMCP is too.Are you a DVC member?