MVMCP tickets arrived!


I got my MVMCP tickets in the mail for Dec. 18th!!! I am so EXCITED. Actually, they came Friday, but things have been so hectic that we just got the mail this morning from Friday…

While I enjoy my time off work in the summer, I always look forward to December once I get those tickets in the mail. Our Christmas trip always seems real once we get those tickets.


I’m so excited for you!! We go every year, the first week of Dec. I haven’t ordered ours yet. I guess I better get on it! Have a great time!


Thanks! This year I am buying parts of the trip at different times instead of all at once. I guess it will extend the excitement. This is the first time DH has been spooked about the economy and not wanted me to just pay for the trip all at once. Now all I have left to buy are park passes for me, DH, and DS. DD bought an AP since she is there right now and will be going back with us at Christmas.


We ordered the first day they were avalable. my DW and DS will be there on the 17th. I thought the tickets would have had a holiday photo.


You came to the right place, we understand how exciting this is and can share your excitement. Congratulations.


We have orderred them for several years now and they have never had a holiday theme to the ticket. I remember being a bit disappointed the first time we got them that they looked like regular tickets only hard plastic. Regardless though, I get excited every year when they arrive because it makes the trip seem more real. :blush: