MVMCP tickets for Dec 7th


My sister had purchased two adult tickets for the MVMCP. At the time she did not realize the rest of the family was going the weekend before. She has been trying to sell her two tickets, at cost, so she can go the previous weekend with the family.

Just wondering if anyone is in Broward County and would be interested in the tickets…


Hope she is able to sell them. Ebay is an option too…


Thks for the idea Dana . I dont think she wants to be bothered with ebay though. She said if she cant sell them she will either go that weekend or she will take the loss on the tickets. She will be 7 months pregnant and has a 2 yr old and a 3 yr old. She may not be up to going at all depending on how she is feeling.


She can try to sell them at the park. I have had success doing so. She may take a small loss, but if she goes early she could sell them for no problem.


I hope she finds someone to buy them.


OOHHHH I am going the 6th - one day to early.
Good Luck - or go twice!!


Oh…we’re going on the 6th too. Too bad.


We are going on the 6th too.


Oh cool! Are any of you going to the meet with Deb Wills at the Rose Garden that night? Everyone meets and watches Wishes together. You’ll rub elbows with a lot of the webmasters and book authors and…ME!!

(yeah, I know…I don’t have the same appeal. But if you want to meet up, it’s a good place)


We are also going on the 6th. :slight_smile:


That would be so cool–enjoy it.


We met Deb Wills and a bunch of the web people on Cast-a-way cay during a meet. I would not plan a vacation around it, but it was nice to say hi…


I’d rather meet people I talk to online every day than strangers with Disney web sites.


?? wont Disney exchange them for you, if you explain the problem??


No, they say all over them that they are not exchangeable or transferable.


I just saw this, and I would have been a prime candidate, living in Broward County, but I won’t do a party on a Friday night if I can help it. Crowds are lighter earlier in the week and I really haven’t planned that far out yet…


We may stop by.