MVMCP worth it?


HI everyone. we have decided to resch out trip until dec we are going the 12 to 11 to the 17th dd graduates the 18th then we come home… I should be able to travel and do most of the rides by then… we are thinking of doing MVMCP . we love the one at Halloween is this one worth doing? thanks


MVMCP is worth it!! Our family goes every year during the Thanksgiving Holiday.We personally love all the Christmas Shows and activities. The interaction with the characters is great. We especially love the fireworks and the special Christmas parade. I highly recommend it!!


We’ve only done it once but we loved it and would go again given the chance.




We love MVMCP, and think it is worth every cent. The atmosphere on Main St, the special shows and the parade, make it all worth while.


I don’t want to rain on the parade, especially not a Disney parade, but I fell compelled to say this. We did the MVMCP last year and I was VERY upset - I’m not sure I will ever pay for another one. Both sets of parents joined us for the trip, for my parents it was their first trip to WDW, and we bought them tickets to the party as a Christmas gift. We were very excited, until we got there and found the MK VERY CROWDED. It was, not kidding, probably the single most crowded that we have ever seen it. We thought the “after hours” parties had limited tickets to make it a smaller event. Both times we went to the PPP, the crowds were very small and we walked right onto the rides. At the MVMCP the lines were super long and all areas of the park were just filled with people. Not our best experience, hopefully it was a random thing, so take this with a grain of salt.


I’m afraid I have to agree with Tiggerific. We went last year too and found it to feel more crowded than the park was during the day. The only other time we went was back in 2003 and found it to be a MUCH better experience.

We have decided it’s no longer worth the price and won’t be attending again.


Yes, but you’re better off going early in the week if possible.


OH now see, when we go for the first one of the parties in November, it’s never crowded. I, too, thought that it would be a limited number of guests and therefore more fun. bummer.


The closer you get to the holidays, the more crowded it gets.

When are your dates? After the 20th of December, everything they do at the party is done during regular park hours ('cept for the coco and cookies)

I think it’s worth doing at least once! IMHO-MNSSHP is better.


[QUOTE=mickeysgirlz;983956]The closer you get to the holidays, the more crowded it gets.

When are your dates? After the 20th of December, everything they do at the party is done during regular park hours ('cept for the coco and cookies)

I think it’s worth doing at least once! IMHO-MNSSHP is better.[/QUOTE]

dec 11- to the 17th. i am really bummed we had to cancel oct trip I loved MNSSHP. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. but I wont be able to travel. do you think our dates are too close to Christmas will the park be nutzy crowded.


We go to the last night of the party every year and absolutely love it! It is definitely worth it.


We have been a few times, and we only had one party that felt crowded. It was on a Friday night, and I had heard from many people the weekends tend to be more crowded. If you can go on a weeknight or even a Sunday night, you will not regret it. We LOVE MVMCP! Of course, the earlier in the month, the better.




We loved it! Our DD6 was sick for the party last year in which we had tickets! The terrible parents we are bundled her up and went since we could not get a refund and change the day, we loved it! She slept through the entire thing, we felt so bad that she missed it, since of all of our children she would have enjoyed it the most, that we bought tickets for later that week when she was back to 100% and we were right, she LOVED it! We would go again,and again, and again! There is nothing like Disney at Christmas!! GOOOOOOO!


We have never done the MVMCP but we are going in early Nov for my son’s 13th b-day. I see there will be a party on the night of my son’s b-day, I am hoping that the earlier you go date-wise the less crowded it is. Is this true? I am sure the closest it is to Christmas the more crowded the parties are.


We went December 2005 and loved it. I’d say make sure you go as early in your trip as you can (the closer it gets to Christmas Day, the busier the parks are period) and stay away from weekend nights because alot of “locals” come over just for the party. We’d do it again if we find ourselves at Disney during the Christmas season again.


I may contradict myself here, but we have been 6-7 times and I think we are maxed out. Although we went that many times, we will not go again. We always go the first or second week in December. The crowds are heavy and the lines are long. The parade at night was the same parade you can see during the day. The lines for the free family picture were rediculous.

Don’t get me wrong, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, but not really worth the price any more. The time it takes to get out of the park is incredible and the lines for the busses and monorail, too long! Thank goodness we typically stay at the Contemporary.

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade and I think everyone should go at least a few times to experience it themselves to form their own opinion. The shows are fantastic, but there is no way to see each one and do rides, and see the parade in one night.