How far in advance do they publish the dates for Mickey’s Christmas Party? We’re planning a trip early December and want to plan around this. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


I know last year I got my tickets at the begining of May. This was as soon as the tickets were available to buy from Disney. I think Disney officially confirms the dates the same day as they go on sale


Oh welcome to DC as well!!


Welcome to DC! Missy is right…it was early may because I got my MNSSHP tickets around that time and I am certian they were released around the same time or at the same time…can’t remember.


Yeah I think WDW is trying to now stay at least 6 months ahead on their schedule. :smile:


I saw the dates listed already on

Here’s the link!


Hey. Welcome to DC…

Will this be your first time at MVMCP?


If you are going during holiday week,don’t bother with the party,because the shows and parades are done during regular park hours. I think the MVMCP is a rip-off,quite frankly.