I may be able to get to WDW in time for MVMCP on 11/17. However, I’m not sure – never been to an event like this before. Is it something the 12-year-old would enjoy? It’s happens two days before my full Disney visit is scheduled, but I do have a place to stay and don’t mind coming back so quickly.


sorry guys I thought I was in the Parks area…


I think you should go for it. I have never been to MVMCP, but have been to MNSSHP and it’s awesome. My dd, who is 12 loved it last year and cannot wait to go back again this year. Definately get the tickets.


It was the highlight of the “land” portion of our last trip! The park seems REALLY packed, BUT most folks are doing the parades and other activities, we actually didn’t wait for anything we wanted to ride. The storytellers are awesome, the fireworks at the end is spectacular, and the parade is oh so cute. Whatever you do make sure you get some of the free cookies and hot chocolate, we didn’t realize they were giving it away till the end, lol. The only line that was too long was for the free pictures, and well, we just skipped it.

Enjoy, harry


If you can go, I would recommend it. I’ve never heard a bad thing about it.


It is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! If you LOVE the holidays, you will absolutely LOVE this event. It is similar to MNSSHP, but it is all Christmas themed. The characters are all decked out in their holiday best, there are shows going on all over the park, and don’t forget the special parade with SNOW on Main Street!! Plus, the special Wishes fireworks…WHAT A GREAT EVENT! If you haven’t done it before, I highly recommend doing it at least once.


You definately have to go. My 11 year old ds is looking forward to it. The last time I went, we barely had to wait in any lines. The only real lines were for pictures, which we passed on. This event is one of the primary reason I am going back in late November (and not some other time of year). It is such a great atmosphere, it is definately something you should not miss.


If you wait until later in the night or do it at 7pm sharp, the picture lines are not long at all. It is such a nice souvenier to keep…and they are FREE. You get one for every member of your party, which is nice.


If you have the opportunity, do it! We did it last December & my DD & DS (twins, then 11yo) loved it, as did my 15 yo niece. The picture line appeared long, but moved along fairly quickly. Hot cocoa & cookies are served throughout the park, the shows are great and the ride lines weren’t so bad either. Now keep in mind, some nights sell out. So buy your tickets as soon as you KNOW you are going to go, no promises that they’ll still have them available at the gate the day that you arrive.
It was a very Magical night, can’t wait to do it again in 2008.