I need advice on which night to attend the party. The dates of the party while we are there are Sunday December 6, Tuesday December 8, Thursday December 10 and Friday December 11. As it is now we are planning on Thurday’s party. What do guys think? I am assuming the crowds will be lower than on the weekend parties.


As a general rule, we avoid the weekend or Friday night parties. Sundays aren’t bad, during the week (like Tues or Thurs.) are best. :))


That’s good to know. We’ve got tickets for Tuesday 15th, just because that’s what fit it with everything else, so I’m pleased about that.


I’d go on a Tuesday.


I also vote for Tuesday. Thursday is still too close to the weekend for me, haha.


I would def go on a tuesday, bigger possibility of having less crowds. :biggrin:


I would try and go on Tuesday and avoid the weekend.


Oh Oh! I’m going on 12/15 too! :laugh: My name is also Helen! Yay! Two Helens at the party!



Though I imagine there will be a lot more than 2 Helen’s there that night.


We’ve booked for the 8th just because it fits into our plans. I never really gave the weekend thing a thought. Just lucky for me I guess that we never run into the crowds.