MVMCP~~I can't decide!


I’m trying to decide on which of the two dates to take my Fab Five (16, 14, 12, 9, and 7) to the MVMCP.
Which would you choose? I need to go ahead and order tickets!!
Sunday, November 28th or Tuesday, November 30th?


Tuesday. Sundays tend to be busier.


I am going to MVMCP on Tuesday Nov. 30th. We are arriving on Sunday the 28th, so I thought that we may be too tired to go on Sun. I know this doesn’t help you decide in any way, but it feels good to be able to write that I am going!!! Sorry. :blush: :blush:


Definitely Tuesday!!!


Well, we are leaving Wednesday morning to return home…so Tuesday for the MVMCP would be an AWESOME way to finish out the trip, wouldn’t it? :wub:


I wish I could go on tuesday but sunday is our last night so it’s Nov. 28 for us. Joe


Are Sundays always busier times for this party, we can not decide between Dec 9th or the 12th.

We arrive back in Port Thursday, and will be a long day, so I’m thinking Sunday would be more enjoyable. Is the crowd difference that big?


Tuesday definitely! Sundays are a lot more busy.


Last year we went on the Sunday. What we did was go to DTD during the day, enjoy the pool, and then headed over a little before our time. My understanding is that they only sell just so many of the tickets and that’s it. We found their to be very short lines on the “older kids” rides, and not bad lines in Fantasyland, a lot of people there with the little ones spent a good deal of time at the parades, the story readings and the other activites they have going on all night.

MVMCP was the absolute highlight of the trip for us, well that and Thanksgiving dinner at the Crystal Palace, but then we are easily amused!

Enjoy! ! ! !!


Hey,Harry,you’re under 1200 days!!! Woo hoo!!!


I agree with Matt—he seems to have good advice!!! :mickey:


Time flys when you are having fun…just not fast enough!


Tuesday has always been the best for us!


I just ordered our Tickets, we decided on Friday :laugh: