My 1st attempt! ;)


ok all i ran out today to buy xmas balls and the only store that had them was the Dollar tree, so I wasn’t sure how they would turn out but this is my 1st attempt at making my mickey head ornaments…now my only regret is not buying more, because I did not know how they would turn out because they were from the dollar tree store…so i have 10 for now, i don’t want to over load my tree anyway, so i might just do 5 more later this week.

and they are by no means PERFECT ACK!!! lol i was eying where to put the ears because i just couldn’t sit there and measure with a ruler, so some ears are closer then others but hey for only $4.00 i think they came out decent…



Thanks for that idea, I might give that a try. Yours are so cute. I love going to the Dollar store. I hope I can find some at ours.


Thank you Belle :wink:


I think they came out adorable!!! You did a great job!


:wub:aww thanks!


Wonderful! I’ll have to give this one a try!


Very nice! They will look lovely on your tree.


Are they plastic? That would be cute to even decorate a stroller that you take to disney at Christmas time. Have a few hanging off the shade. Keep any baby happy. :happy:


honestly i don’t think they are plastic because i used the hot glue gun and it didn’t melt, they are from the dollar tree store so they are cheap ones, i know you’re suppose to use shatterproof balls so this was just a test and they seem to work well, i just hope they hold up for xmas time.
sorry i can’t give you a better answer:blush:


Those are adorable!! Why didn’t I think of that? Very nice!! :heart:


Hey…I know what I’m makin’ and hangin’

…from my camper awning at FW in about 60 days!!! :tinytree:



Great job! I love the idea, they are going to look great on your tree.


Thank you to all!!!
my multi quote button is either not working or I am not doing something right :frowning:


Nice job! They look awesome! :mickey:


thank you!!!


Those are so amazing I love them!


:blush: thank you, i’m blushing now


They are beautiful!!! There is a dollar tree within walking distance of my office…i think i know where i am going for lunch today!! :whistling


go for it, i just ran back there this morning and bought 10 more balls, lol its addicting!:mickey::mickey:


What a neat project! I have never thought of making my own Mickey ornaments. I’ll have to try it. Thanks for the idea!