My 2 day less intense M:S and that other park trip


Yesterday I went to Epcot to ride the less intense Mission Space and all I can say is Why didn’t they have the less intense version from the beginning??? It was great!!! We then went to see Tony Orlando. He was great!! The day had a perfect end at Boma. Today I went to Universal and all I can say about that is they will never get another dime of my money again. It started with that abominably long walk from the parking lot. We finally get to the gate,only to find that Universal has no Guest Assistance Card for handicapped people(one of the people in my party had 2 strokes and walks with a cane). The most Universal would do is let the handicapped person wait by herself in a room by the front of the ride and when we were at the front of the ride they would get the person in our party to us.(and don’t get me started on paying for Express pass!!! :mad: :mad: ) The final straw came when I couldn’t go on Men in Black and the mummy because my backpack was too big and it didn’t fit in the lockers that were provided. I just couldn’t take it anymore and left while waiting for my party to come out. I guess I am just a Disney person at heart.


GEEZ…what awful rules/regulations at Universal! :nonono2: I’m sorry you had such a terrible time there. :sad: I would have been really angry too.

Thanks for sharing about M:S though! I’ve been really curious what the less intense version is like! I like the original, but I have become less tolerant of “spinning” over the last few years, so I have a feeling eventually I will not be able to handle it anymore. That’s when the less intense version will be my friend! :mickey:


:huh: Hey mickaholic would you mind given a little description of the less intense version? I suffer from motion sickness a little and am curious if I will be able to ride.


We did the same thing at Universal… but I ask to speak to the manager and we got express passes for all in our party free… and you are right they will never get another penny of my money… my DH scooter used a lot of the battery just getting from the parking lot… and we had one free ticket to get in… but I really got P Oed when we were not allowed to ride the teridactal (not sure of the spelling) ride unless we had a child under 44" go figure… and we did everything we wanted in both parks due to the ride closings and the Park closed at 7 we were out of there by 6pm and that was doing both parks… We will never go back…


OK - I am going to defend Universal (hides in shame). They do have a Guest Assistance pass (actually several types of them). You just ended up with a terrible CM. I will admit the CMs are not the greatest help all the time (but that is the case at WDW too - if you call ahead with a question, you can get 3 different answers sometimes).

Taking a trip to US takes planning, just like WDW does. You should visit discussion boards for planning ahead of time. Pteradon Flyers has a terrrible queu and tends to back up and doesn’t load quickly. That is why they limit it to children during certain hours, so the line doesn’t back up. I have actually never gone on it, because we haven’t gotten there first thing in the morning yet. But, I knew this going in, so we weren’t disappointed. Next trip we plan on going at park opening so we can ride it.


We were in Universal last November, and I hadn’t researched it like I do for our WDW trips. I didn’t know anything about the Express Pass and I was also furious! Fortunately, since it was the week before Thanksgiving, the lines weren’t long and we barely waited for the rides, bu still! :nonono2:



I was just getting ready to defend Universal too. You did a great job. Universal is a stop for us every time that we go to Orlando. We go to Disney first and are park commandos. then, we move over to Universal, stay onsite, and enjoy a leisurely 4-5 days so that we are not exhausted when we return home. We really love the rides there. Universal and Disney are different expereinces, and we like it that way. We go to Universal for their amazing rides, and we go to Disney to be in the Magic and the overall theming. I hope you get to ride the Pteradon Flyers. It is a neat little ride. Last trip, we made it a point to get there first thing. DS was the first rider of the day. Of course, the rest of us rode on it too since he was with us.

alma, I am sorry to hear that you did not enjoy Universal. As for the CM’s there are good and bad in both parks. We met some that were wonderful at both parks, and we also had some terrible experiences brought on by poor CM’s. Unfortunately for us last trip, that occurred more often at Disney. We chalked it up to the Christmas crowds and let it go. If you ever get a chance, you should really consider staying onsite at one of the Universal hotels for the FOTL privileges. It mases the trip so much better. Also, one night onsite gets you FOTL for 2 days in the parks. Jsut a thought.


Mickaholic, I’d like a description too! The only 2 motions that make me sick are spinning and roller coaster-type drops. I know I’d could Never handle the orange version of M:S, but now I’m wondering why there are still motion sickness warnings for the green version.



For some reason I always mix knotts berry farm up with universal.
But i’m pretty sure I disliked Universal a bunch.
There didnt seem to be much to do and the lines were crazy long for nothing.
Shakes head
I must also be a Disney person at heart cause California Adventure I didnt like so well either.


Okay,the M:S less intense version didn’t have that awful spinning sensation that made me feel like there was an invisible hand pressed against my chest. If memory serves me correctly,we saw the same space objects and Mars surface,but there was little to no jarring of the craft. I think the person on was right when they said if you liked Star Tours you would like this less intese M:S.


Hmmm, but what if I don’t like Star Tours? Strangely enough I felt worse after Star Tours than Mission Space. But, since I have seen it once I guess I don’t need to see it again Green or Orange.

Sorry you had a yucky time at Universal.


Alma, I’am glad you got to ride M:S! Joe


When I was at universal… there was no line for the Pteradon Flyers and I mean NO line at all and we were told that you could only ride if you had a child with you under 44" on top of we had the handicap pass which there were no lines for at all either… and most people that I over heard kept saying “That is all” “That was it” “I’m disappoinited”… So that day it was not just us being upset. But Hey it takes all kinds to make the world go round and I would never tell someone what they should or should not like… This is just my oppinion…


Alma, do you move at all when you’re on the MS light version? I need more description!!!:mickey:

As for Universal, they will never be Disney. Their customer service is subpar (unless you make a big stink and go to the higher ups), having to pay for express pass is insane, the lines barely move, you are inundated with line jumpers, and the parks close too soon. The rides are a lot of fun, but it’s not the same experience.


I’m glad you liked the new version of M:S. We also tried it last week and I loved it. I wish they would have offered this option from the start, my DH is not a fan of spinning rides and can be sick for the rest of the day from one go on the Tea Cups. My DS has a minor heart problem and I have never wanted him to go on M:S even though his doctor cleared him for all rides.

I was happy to finally see the ride w/o the fear of being sick all day. There was still the feeling of moving but not spinning. If I remember correctly we still felt like we were landing on Mars and a few other bumps. I guess it’s sort of like Star Tours but not that jerky.


Right,DT!!! I can’t wait to do it again when I go to see peter Noone!!! EJ,you really didn’t move all that much.


Mick, I am not really sure what you meant by not being able to ride Men In Black. Do they not let you bring the backpack in the ride vehicle? That’s so weird. Where are the lockers they provide? I would imagine this would be a problem for many people considering so many people bring backpacks, etc. into the parks :huh: weird.


It makes you totally crazy, right? I felt like I needed a passport to get from my car to the parks! I really, really don’t ever have the urge to head north on Highway 4 when we are in Orlando… once was PLENTY!!!


I do like Universal for their rides (they’ve got some great ones!), but that being said, I haven’t been there in 3 years and I really don’t miss it! I’m sure I’ll go back, but it DEFINITELY isn’t a MUST DO for me each and every time I go to Orlando. There’s a lot to be said about the Magic of WDW that pulls me in the second I arrive…sigh I wish I were there!!!


OH, and thanks for the info on the Less Intense M:S ride!!! Now I can ride it again!!! I got a little nauseous the first two times I rode it :blow: because I HATE spinning, but now I can ride it again! YAY!!!