My 2008 trip is BOOKED!


I am BEYOND excited!!! We are going Thanksgiving week, and renting DVC points staying in a Savannah View Studio Villa at Animal Kingdom Lodge!

I have been going back and forth for the last couple of months, trying to decide when to go. I had DH sold on next September for FREE DINING, but we’d stay at POP Century again. I was also thinking of Thanksgiving week, but it would cost us about $300 MORE, and 2 fewer onsite nights to go this route. We don’t want to take DS out of school for a whole week, so these two weeks that we have been thinking of were perfect. We’d only have to take him out for 3 days!

Well, after reading Wishy’s trip report and then watching all the holiday specials about WDW on TV, THANKSGIVING WEEK WON OUT!!! My trip has been booked for the last couple of days, and I just can’t WAIT!

We will be leaving New York Friday night, 11/21. Eugene will get home at about 11:30 and he will take a nice nap for a few hours. Then at about 3:30am, we will hit the road for our 1115 mile drive! He will drive straight through. We will stay at our timeshare the first night…Vistana Villages. Then we move to Animal Kindgdom Villas for the next 5 nights!!! Last night, we go back to our timeshare at Vistana Villages.

Now I have to countdown for MAY…when I can make my ADRs. Trying to decide on where to eat Thanksgiving dinner, but that’s a whole new thread! :laugh:


Congrats, Kim.
I am trying to make up my mind if I should go that week as well.

By the way, I moved this thread to Mouse Trap. It didn’t fit into the parks forum :smile:


Congratulations!! I’ve never been during Thanksgiving and we will be there, too.


We loved AKL. There is tons of stuff for kids to do to. You wont be disapointed.:simba: :AK:


Congrats Kim You are going to have a great time!!


Congratulations!! Enjoy the planning. :happy:


Congrats, Kim!!! Thanksgiving in WDW sounds perfect!


Congrats! Thanksgiving will be a balst in WDW. I was thinking about that week but my DH doesnt want to go so just me and the kids… I want to try for free dining… We usually drive straight but now since I short a driver I think we will fly…


I’m looking to rent points for AKV also. Seeing you rented them for Thanksgiving, am I assuming/understanding correctly, you rented from someone who’s base is AKL (11 months out)? I guess I’m at the beginning stages to figure out when to start looking for points to rent.


Wow,thats very exciting Kim! AKL villas!! Woohoo!!


Oh I CANNOT wait for your trip report because that is the same week we decided to go in a couple years:pinch:!! I am so excited for you!


We’re going to be right behind you. I just booked our 2008 trip. We’ll be staying at the Contemporary (for the 1st time) Dec.1 thru Dec 6th. You will find the decorations so awesome. I hope they have the castle all lit up again. Breath taking.


awesome! i know you were wanting a christmas trip, so this is pretty close!! congrats!


I am so excited for you! I hope I am posting the same thread next week!

Have fun!



Congrats!!! We’re trying AKV ourselves for the 1st time in June…Can’t Wait!! Bet you’re SO excited!!!


Congratulations!!! You are gonna have so much fun!!


Yes, I rented from someone who has AKV as their home resort. I booked it at EXACTLY 11 months out…I didn’t want to miss out on staying there!!


Yeah, it’s Christmas at Disney during that time, which is what I wanted. So I am SUPER excited!!!


That is so exciting - I am way jealous that you are staying in the AKV! :happy: