My 23 Hour Whirlwind Trip to Magic Kingdom TR


Me- Kim 31
DD- Haley 3 weeks shy of 5
DS- TJ 3

As some of you have read, I decided to take a last minute trip to WDW yesterday! DH is out of town until Sunday and I have been stuck home with my kids all summer and I needed something fun to do out of the house. Soooo, being that we are only 2.5 hours south of WDW and passholders- I put a plan into action and off we went.

We took off yesterday just before 3pm and headed North. I didn’t tell my kids until we were about an hour into the drive and right before they passed out for a wonderful nap!!

I booked last night at Seralago Hotel off of 192. There were not any values available and we were only sleeping there. It was $45.00 and that included tax. I have stayed there once in the past and knew it was a pretty safe bet for being so cheap- and it was.

We checked in at 5:30pm and dropped our tiny bit of luggage off and decided to go to DTD. DH is not a very big fan of DTD so I thought it would be nice to walk around without him growling about it. Well, it POURED and the stores we PACKED.

We bought a few things we don’t need and picked up some Earl of Sandwich and headed back to the hotel to eat and go to bed.


Ok, great on with the story, Kim…


On to today Saturday 8/22/09…

Today we woke up and were out of the hotel room at 6:50am. At Denny’s by 7am, completely fed and back in the car by 7:20am- TOO FAST! TOTALLY WEIRD!!

We made it to the TTC Parking lot by 730am. Way too early, but I wanted to be close enough to walk and not have to take the tram. I have a side by side double stroller and taking that and 2 little ones on the tram would not be fun!!

We made it to the MK turnstiles at 7:50 and the park doesn’t open until 9am. I was hoping to get picked as the family to open the park since we were there soooooo early, but we were about 10 minutes too late!!

You will never guess who I met while waiting… The famous TUNA TOM!! I saw a picture of him in a TR a while back and knew it had to be him. He was at the turnstiles before me. I asked him if he was Tuna Tom and he was. I asked him what he does there every day and he just said walk around. I was hoping to chit chat with him to kill time, but he didn’t seem interested. I told him he was famous!! :laugh:

The kids waited as patiently as possible for MK to open and we headed to Splash and Thunder Mountain. I was very excited to see if DS would finally be tall enough to ride and he was for the 1st time!!

So we raced like every other crazy family to SM and BTMRR. I decided to have him measured first at BTMRR so I didn’t waste Fast Passes or time standing in line. He was given the all clear and was so excited- I might have been even more excited!! So we get our fast passes and head to Splash where he is measured again and again he got the ok to ride!

We got totally soaked on SM!! Off to BTMRR to ride. They measure him again before we get in line and we walk all the way through and are about to be seated when the CM down at the track measures him again and tells me he is too little to ride. UGH!!! Are you kidding me?!?!?! Do you not see we are SOAKED from SM and your CM at the front has already measured him-TWICE!! The CM says too short- he can’t ride. I told him there must be a problem with the measuring sticks and he insisted that they are all checked each morning- I DOUBT IT!! I asked for a supervisor and guess what, he was tall enough!! It is hard to get a 3 year old to stand perfectly straight let alone totally still!!
We ended up being the ONLY people on the ride and it was WONDERFUL!! It is a much smoother ride without all the weight of the other riders!

After BTMRR, we rode Snow White, Tea Cups (HATE THEM!!), Barnstormer, Buzz and Pirates. We watched Storytime with Belle for the first time and also saw the Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It! Parade for the first time. LOVED IT!! I couldn’t help but dance!!

By that time it was just about 12:50 and we decided it was too hot and the clouds were getting black so we decided start the trek back home. We walked through the stores on the way out for some more purchases that we didn’t need! (I bought my first Vinylmation figure!)

We hopped the monorail and hit the road. We made it home exactly 23 hours after we arrived the night before!! It was super fun to have no real plan and just go at last minute!! We were there 2 weeks ago and will be back for Labor Day weekend, but it was great to get another little Disney fix in!! I love that place!!

It was totally doable by myself with 2 kids, but I sure did miss my DH!!

I will post some pictures…


On with the pictures…


More pictures…


Yeah for being tall enough :laugh: Sounds like you had a blast!!!


And the last few pictures…

Thanks for reading!! :laugh:


Very brave of you , glad it worked out so well. I wish we were close enough for those impromptu visits.


Glad you had fun! I’m glad you threw a fit about your son being tall enough! It would have been really disappointing if he hadn’t been able to ride.


hehe :heart: TunaTom! That could have been one of mine cause I try to put him in every one of my WDW TRs . :happy: No, he’s not much of a chatter but he’s a huge weather buff & tuna fan! :closedeye I love seeing him every trip! It starts to feel like “Cheers;” where everybody knows your name. :happy:


I think it was one of your TR’s. He was chatting it up with the CM’s who love him, but I guess I was intruding!! :laugh:


[QUOTE=johnkimv;987117]I asked for a supervisor and guess what, he was tall enough!! It is hard to get a 3 year old to stand perfectly straight let alone totally still!!
We ended up being the ONLY people on the ride and it was WONDERFUL!! It is a much smoother ride without all the weight of the other riders!


YAY!!! So glad he got on!! How did he like it? BTMRR was the first ‘thrill ride’ I ever went on in my life, I think I was 4 or 5. It’s still my favorite to this day!

Which did he like better; SM or BTMRR?


[QUOTE=johnkimv;987117](I bought my first Vinylmation figure!)


What’cha get?


OMG, those two teacup pictures are TOO cute!!! :biggrin:

See, it’s yours and Mickeysgirlz’s little impromptu trips that always make me miss living in WPB. :sad: :tongue:


What a great whirlwind trip! Glad your DS was able to ride. THAT is a cool time for the kids, one that they will always remember.


I am glad you had a wonderful trip and so happy you asked for a supervisor to check it again, and your DS was tall enough. the pictures where very cute.


Great pics thanks for posting


Your quick jaunt definitely helped in my need for Disney right now! I’m so excited about ourtrip that reading everyone else’s makes the days go more quickly!

Hooray for DS getting to ride! I hope he loved every minute of it and will keep fond memories of this one-day blast forever! :mickey:


Great TR…sounds like you had fun…we do short trips like that all the time to DL.


I don’t LOVE it, but whatever- it was my first. I would not have picked this one if I was able to.