My 4 day trip is coming!


Im so excited John and I will be leaving Central Florida in 11 days . So close to the Magic … Yet so far away I havent been to WDW in 2 years! Im soo looking forward to spending my birthday at Disney, Epcot and The Studios. Going back June 20 for Johns Birthday to and for the first time Animal Kingdom. Please if you would like to have me send you a postcard from the Parks private message me and I will get one right off to you. Also If anyone is going in the next week or so I would love to receive a post card to amp up my trip even more . I will be more than glad to give ya my address, and ANY extra “New” news or something different that you would like to share please feel free! Also We are staying at the Royal Plaza hotel on the property. Found a REALLY much better rate and good deal thru a private site for the huge savings ! Thanks Im so Happy …
I’m going to WALT~DISNEY~WORLD !!!:mickey::goofy:


So you’ll be going in May and June?? Lucky you !!


I’ll be there May and June as well. I am so excited. Hope you love animal Kingdom. I really like it, I just don’t see enough for me to do for the entire day though. We split it up with another park.


I remember the first time we went to AK. I don’t know if they had fast pass system yet. But anyway, at the time the safari was THE ride to do first thing in the morning. Animals were suppose to be more active in the morning, etc. So my DH and I walked and walked and walked, (at this point he says “I think we just passed NJ”). To me it just seems like you have to walk forever before you get to anything. Maybe because it seems like the hike just from the buses to the front gate is about a mile.