My 4 Disney Days


This is my first trip report… not sure of the formatting, but here goes nothing! I actually just went last week, but you know, it already feels like years ago, and I sure do miss it! :crying:

Day 1, January 21: Waking up at 4:45AM was not my idea of a grand Saturday morning, but the thought of being in Epcot in less than 6 hours provided plenty of motivation. Despite a no-show car service, my boyfriend and I made it to Newark-Liberty on time, and landed at Orlando International a lil after 9AM. Within minutes, we were on line for the Magical Express bus, and I was surrounded by mouse ears and mouse hands. :mickey: While waiting for our ME bus (which arrived in less than 10 minutes), I was scoping out the crowds, trying to size up my would-be competitors for the next 4 days. I was NOT going to let any kid, no matter how cute, get in front of me for rides. No sir. That first seat at SM was mine. :fork_off:

But the ME bus whisked us away to All Stars Movies, and I really could not ask for nicer and warmer people to greet us at the hotel lobby. The check-in desk and concierge CMs were all smiles and so nice! (Perhaps I’m just so used to being abused in New York City.) And did I mention that we went from a finger-numbing 40 degrees in NY to a warm, balmy, and oh-so-welcoming 81 degrees in Orlando? As soon as we reached our room, which was located in Mighty Ducks 1, I did a quick Clark Kent – Superman change and was in capris, a Winnie the Pooh t-shirt, and sandals, complete w/touristy camera and drawstring bag in tow. Next stop: Epcot. :smile:

As I climbed into the Disney Transport bus for Epcot, I could hardly contain myself, and was reduced to giggling like Chip n Dale from the excitement. My poor boyfriend had officially lost his 26 year old girlfriend and was going to be stuck with a 5 year old Disney fanatic for the next 4 days. :mickey:

Big round golf ball!!! Epcot!!! Yay!!! (I will yell out “Yay!!!” quite a few times, so you might as well desensitize yourself now.) Being that it was Saturday, I didn’t expect Epcot to be full, and we were indeed rewarded with sparse crowds and little to no lines. The only place where we did encounter a line/group/crowd/mob was at Akershus at the Norway Pavilion. It was around 11AM when we headed towards Akershus for lunch, but because I didn’t call for Priority Seating, the place was completely full and booked when we arrived. Big shock to me, considering we walked right onto Maelstrom and the other outside eating areas were completely empty. This will be the one and only time in my entire trip that we are denied seating or turned away. We settled on eating at the counter service area for Norway, and each had a big savory lox n scrambled eggs sandwich, ending it with a scrumptious sweet lefses. If you leave the Norway Pavilion without a lefses, shame on you! It’s a crepe smothered in butter and cinnamon sugar, and really now, who can turn down the sweet inviting warm smell of cinnamon sugar?? And butter! Mmmmmmm…buuuuuttttterrrrr…… :biggrin:

Throughout the World Showcase, we ate, shopped, oooh’ed and ahh’ed. We especially loved shopping at Mitsukoshi at the Japan Pavilion, the ride Maelstrom at Norway, and loved the ambiance and structures of Morocco. And while we were at Morocco (around 2PM), we made a dinner reservation for 7:30PM at Marrakesh. This time, we were not denied, and left happy and looking forward to some couscous and belly-dancing later in the evening.

We continued on with the rest of the World Showcase Pavilions, and decided to head down to Soarin’ and Future Land to complete our rounds at Epcot.

At Soarin’, we joined our first real crowd and line of people. This indeed unsettled us a bit, since we were so darn spoiled with no other lines the whole day. But ohmagawd, Soarin’ really was worth the wait. Plus, I got to feel so smart (and dumb) answering some of those nature quiz questions that they had along the queue line. But what I really loved was the smells and breezes that grazed your face and hair on the ride. Nevermind that I shrieked and yelped :noo: every time the camera swept over the edge of a mountain. – (I now owe my boyfriend a hearing aid.) I still had a wonderful time, and I highly recommend it and consider it a must to anyone heading down to Epcot. Total wait time: 30 minutes.

Test Track was closed (BOOOOOooooooo), and so was Wonders of Life (BOOOOOoooo some more). :glare:

But we quickly raced around Innoventions and also rode Living with the Land (how cool was that Mickey punkin???), and got to enjoy Nemo booths over at The Seas. I didn’t get to chat w/Crush, but there’s always next time. It was now time to have din-din over at Marrakesh.

We arrived at Marrakesh and was seated in less than 5 minutes. Before I go on to tell you the neat yummy food we had there, I have to say, and I will reiterate time and time again that I have NEVER, EVER had such fast service and experienced such SHORT lines (if you even wanna call that a line) at Disney. My boyfriend and I are now forever spoiled by the nonexistence of lines in late January. Glorious. Absolutely Glorious. Okay, back to the victuals…

We ordered the Combination Appetizer for Two, and I ordered the “Night in Casablanca”, while my boyfriend ordered the “Roast Lamb w/Grilled Veggie Couscous”. MMMMMMM-yeah. While my boyfriend didn’t seem to enjoy his roast lamb so much, he did enjoy the flaky filo dough appetizers and chicken skewer that came with my main entrée. I loved the lamb because the meat simply fell off the bone and meshed beautifully with the tomato sauce. It made my rice seem infinitely buttery and creamy when I had it with the lamb, followed by a nice cool glass of fragrant mint tea. Lord. I was fuuuuuullll. Forget TacoBell man, I am NOW full.

During our dinner, we got to listen to a Moroccan band, and a beautiful, beguiling, and quite charming lady came out to do some belly-dancing. Can I tell you how fast every guy in the room flicked their heads over towards her direction when she unveiled her tummy and bejeweled corset? :wub: Oh yeah. Like whiplash. NEways… she was indeed quite booty-ful, and unfortunately, my quickdraw camera hand did not move fast enough to take a picture of her near my boyfriend. I DID however, manage to capture some pics of her doing her thang though, and that made me happy enough.

And as if the day wasn’t perfect enough, we ended it with the compulsory Disney fireworks. After that though, we were absolutely pooped, and headed on back to All Stars Movies to rest. I no longer felt my legs when I climbed into bed that night, but I knew they’d magically become well-defined and muscular legs (a la Hercules) the next morning with the amount of walking we did. (I will later dub this muscle-toning program, ‘The Mouse Crunch”.) But even having Herculean legs was all so worth it. And I already knew I’d be doing all over again the next day at Magic Kingdom. So ended Day 1. :sleeping:


Sounds like a fun first day! Yay!! :happy: Looking forward to hearing about the rest of the trip. Mouse Crunch–I love it! Any pictures??? Hmmm?


Great first day!


Great start! Welcome aboard! Your personality really comes through in your trip report. You sound like you will fit in just perfectly here!


I’m definitely enjoying your writing style. Okay, time for more!


Great report so far, I can’t wait to hear about Day 2.


You’re doing great with your TR! Sounds like a very fun first day. Can’t wait to read more!


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Welcome to DC.

I love this report!!! My favorite thing to eat at Kringla is the salmon and cold scrambled egg sandwich too. YUMMMMMMMY…
Keep going, everyone is waiting for more of your fun report.


Hey, Welcome to Disney Central!!! I :heart: your writing style, it’s so great!
Awesome first day, can’t wait to hear more

and I LOVE the Mouse-Crunch! That is awesome!


sounds like you had a great time cant wait to hear more


This is a great trip report so far!!! Welcome to Disney Central.


I NEED MORE!!! Awesome report and welcome to DC. I can’t wait to read more!


love your narrations!! It’s so fun to read…keep it coming!!! :wub:


I love your TR so far. I arrived the same day as you did and did Epcot on arrival day too. We may have crossed paths.

And I couldn’t agree more with you about the lefses. Pure, sweet delight!


Fabulous report so far! I can’t wait to hear the rest–it’s very fun to read! :mickey:


Day 2, January 22: Does anyone ever get a full 8 hrs of sleep the night before going to Magic Kingdom? I know I didn’t, even if I was dead tired the day before walking around Epcot. But somehow, the bubbles n butterflies of excitement in my tummy just wouldn’t quit, even if they were tired bubbles n butterflies.

I had spent some time the night before going over the game plan with my boyfriend. There were lil o’s, x’s, arrows, and highlighter marks all over the map from my Disney research n homework done weeks before we left. Heck, I don’t know who would have understood my chicken scratch after I was done with it, but it still made me feel oodles better, knowing I had some sorta game plan. With about 12 “must hit” areas, I knew I had to go into drill sergeant mode to finish them all.

The next morning, armed with my map that was marked up like a 2 year old’s coloring book, we headed towards the food court for some Mickey omelettes, 12.99 refillable cups in tow (quite the bargain, I’ll say). By the way, has anyone else ever tasted such GOOD non-sweetened iced tea elsewhere? I know there are many other great things about Disney, and singing praises about iced tea really is a waste of time, but my gawd. What great tea. Again, maybe I’m accustomed to having artificially sweetened iced tea mix, or maybe I’m used to paying almost 4$ for non-sweetened iced tea at Starbucks, but god, Disney has great cheap, strong tea-flavored iced tea.

NE ways, we arrived in the middle of the Cinderellabration, and I was all excited that the majority of the people would be occupied with the show and not crowding the lines at the rides. I would later catch the evening showing of Cinderellabration, but at the time, I was snickering like Mutsy (Yes, he is not a Disney character…so sue me) and scurrying off towards SM. All I had to do was turn around and say, “Suckaaaaaas”. :fork_off: But I didn’t. Anyways, I was already marching my boyfriend towards Tomorrowland, sticking my finger in his back like he was my hostage. In actuality, he really was, but minor details, right?

As we walked, nay, ran towards Tomorrowland, I spotted Stitch right in front of Stitch’s escape. I went from ruthless SM-rider to “ohmahgawd!! It’s Stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!!! Take my picture, take my picture!!!”. :laugh: So I joined the line and was a bit embarrassed that I was the only one past 30 inches there, but hey, it’s Stitch! After Stitch so graciously took a picture with a big baby like me, we hopped onto Stitch’s Great Escape.

It would be my first time on the ride since the change, and I was relieved to learn it would be much tamer than its predecessor, ExtraTERRORestrial. I remember just a couple years ago when I was on the ride, I screamed and yelled and shrieked my way through. Because my boyfriend’s ears were still recovering from Soarin’, he was relieved to hear it’d be much tamer. Basically, it’s the same premise, but instead of scary Sigourney Weaver-Alien-esque monsters, it’s cute lil Stitch doing narsty things like burping and hocking loogies. Though I was relieved and didn’t cover my eyes the way I did with the original ride, something was missing, and I didn’t seem to enjoy it as much. Mayhaps I’m masochistic? My vocal cords were looking forward to a workout that morning? I dunno. Just wasn’t as fun. :confused:

After the ride, I continued my mission towards Space Mountain. We were going to FastPass it, but the line was at 10 minutes. Yes, you heard it here first. 10 minutes. I believe my previous encounters at SM were 75, 90, and maybe 45 minutes each. But yes, it was 10 minutes. I did a double take. I did a “rub your eyes maybe it’s a mirage” deal. But it still said 10 minutes. I LOVE low-peak season! Love it, love it!

Unfortunately, my boyfriend was not celebrating. No sir. This man had some bad, bad memories of SM when he was on it almost two decades ago, and it was difficult persuading him that it’d be alright. “Look honey! That lil 8 year old just ran past us. Are you going to make us eat his dust? I’m not eating 8 year old dust!” “Honey, that 10 year old just got out, and she’s in one piece. We’ll be okay, honest! No upside downs, no deep drops…who’s my big brave boy?”

Finally, I had my way, and we got on the line. Did I skip through the line? Did I giggle with excitement as I rushed towards the boarding dock? Did I notice the deep breaths my boyfriend was taking to calm himself down? Yes, Yes, and No. :whistling Nothing was going to stop me getting on one of my most favoritest-est-est rides.

Several hundred screams and yells (all of sheer delight, I assure you) later, we got off. My boyfriend was wobbly, but still alive. The conversation during the ride went something like this: “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…honey, are you okay? Good…Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…How are we doing? Put your head back on the head rest…AAAAAaaaaaaHHHH”. At the end of it all, his head hurt, but he was indeed alive. Now, some of you might ask me why I even made my poor boyfriend get on in the first place. Well, he loves me, doesn’t he? What kind of knight-in-shining-armor wouldn’t at least get on SM for his love? I mean, the other Princes at the joint go through dragons, witches, and nasty step-moms, but I’m just asking for a ride in space. That’s not too much. :dry:

After my boyfriend lost his wits on SM, I assured him that every consequent ride would be moving at 2 mph. At least for that day. In that park. (Okay, so I lied.) And the first ride we went on after SM was Carousel of Progress. What better way to slow-down, no? So…I love the Carousel of Progress. I really do. But can they please, please, please update the last scene? The microwave, TV, and computer look like they were stolen from an antiques museum. But beyond that, CoP really is a classic, and anyone that hasn’t seen it, should. Love that dog, by the way.

Having ‘conquered’ CoP, I suggested that we move the excitement factor up a notch, and went towards the Haunted Mansion, another one of my favs. Embarrassing minor note: Before this trip, I have never gone through that entire ride with my eyes opened. I was determined to have my eyelids glued/pinned/stapled :eek: opened this time, but as I got onto one of those Doom Buggies, I just wasn’t sure… But just when I was about to cringe and shove my face into my boyfriend’s shoulders, I kept my eyes opened and…it was…O-K… But isn’t that bride with the heart creepy? Jeez, I’m getting the heebie-jeebs just thinking about it.

Outside of the Mansion, my boyfriend was ever-so-pleased for conquering a ride, and of course I was so proud of him. We then headed towards the Hall of Presidents, which we thought was well done and up-to-date with George Dubbya. Being done with Liberty Square, we moseyed on over towards Frontierland, which is a favorite spot of mine (I’m allowed to have at least 50 favorites. I have a license). But before getting there, we swerved up to Mickey’s PhilharMagic.

In my opinion, this 3-D show is long overdue. Though rides have randomly popped up here and there for what I call the “Middle Kingdom” set: Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin, and Lion King”, they were almost kinda ran over by the newer Pixar regime. I was very, very happy to hear that the Middle Kingdom was now the central thread to Disney’s latest 3-D. People really need to realize that it was this set that once again put Disney on the map for full feature length animations after the Classics, or “Old Kingdom”.

And I was definitely NOT disappointed. How wonderful was PhilharMagic!!! Definitely one of my favorites. I loved seeing and feeling the multiple layers in Ariel’s cavern, and being able to fly over Agrabah with Aladdin and Jasmine. And oh that cinnamon smell from Lumiere’s spot! The same effects used in other 3-Ds were somehow much more effective and pleasant in Philharmagic. And though I had a Dad in front of me that insisted of elevating his daughter up to block about 1/3rd of my view, I was still able to enjoy and love PhilharMagic. Kudos Imagineers! Great job!!! :biggrin:

From PhilharMagic, we on towards Frontierland, picking up a FastPass for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which had a 30 minute wait, and then getting on standby line for Splash Mountain.

I was a bit apprehensive bringing my boyfriend onto Splash Mountain because of the climatic 50 foot drop. But being the good sport (or just plain ol’ innocent and ignorant of the 50 foot plunge), he followed me onto the line. I tried to ease the worries with, “See that 7 year old? See that 10 year old?”, but by now, we have established that Disney has some very, very brave youngsters, and that my boyfriend does NOT like quick sharp turns (the ones that make me go, “Weeeeeeeee!!!”). Anyways, the line again went fairly quickly, with us constantly moving and only pausing in 3 or 4 spots. As we paced along the winding lines, I was hoping that the line would go so quickly that we would magically end up in a log flume, too late for my boyfriend to flee.

Splash Mountain will be my only Disney ride to ever break down while I was on it. What usually is a smooth ride with little surprise drops in between turned into a bumper log ride. It would stop in the middle of a scene, the narrator would announce that Brer Fox and Bear were up to no good, and apologize for the delay. We would then stop, and our log would be bumped by 1, 2, or even 3 logs in a row. I guess you wouldn’t call being bumped, ‘bumper logs’ if the bumping wasn’t mutual, huh? But at one point, where you are cranked up that hill for the big drop, and the two vultures (that remind me of Waldorf and Statler) are sneering at you, we stop.

Quite honestly, I didn’t know if I should have been nervous that we were about to drop 5 stories, or if I should have been nervous about being on the hill with 4 other flumes behind us while the conveyor belt was broken. In the end however, it went okay, things ended with a good splash, and everyone enjoyed the ride. Even my big brave boy.

Thunder Mountain was not as successful for my boyfriend, but because it was so quick, it was painless. Or at least less so. I personally love the Mountain for the same reasons why my poor boyfriend does NOT like it. It’s fast, it has surprising dips, it whips you on sharp bank turns, and it really allows you to scream and giggle and go “weeeeeeee!” But he was not amused. Go fig. :rolleyes:

By this time, we were half way through our boot camp schedule, and the infamous Magic Kingdom fatigue was starting to set in. You shoulda seen my abs and calves. Tony Little would have been envious. But even being a bit tired, being the troopers we are, we stopped only briefly for lunch at Pecos Bill before continuing our expedition.

By the way, has anyone ever ordered a Mickey Kids Meal at one of these counter service places? I always order (I AM a kid. Yes I am!) the one with cold chicken, veggies, and applesauce. But it also comes with Mickey cheez-its, which I absolutely love. I always wish I could manage to keep a bag to take with me back home, but they taste SO good, that I always gobble it up, with no evidence to show people of the existence of Mickey cheez-its. But I assure you, the truth is out there.

Renewed and refreshed by lunch, we decided to head on over to Adventureland. POTC :pirate: was first, and I was totally expecting a line out the gate, since that was how I dealt with it every other time, but to my surprise, there was absolutely no one. Are there tumbleweed in the Caribbean? I’m sure there were some rolling on by. We walked from the outside door onto a boat within a minute. No lines, and there were empty boats, and empty rows on our boat. Really. Now I know I was there low peak but, the attendance was just terrible. Doesn’t anyone else love POTC anymore??? Where is the love? We’re talking classic WDW here. Ah well, it was a shame.

We stopped by Jungle Cruise to pick up a FastPass, since it seemed very crowded and then headed back towards Frontierland.

At this point, I had really felt we covered the majority of things we really wanted to see. And being that the previous day we had made early reservations for dinner at Epcot, my boyfriend suggested we go try snagging another reservation for dinner there at MK. My first inclination was to avoid Cinderella’s Castle because everyone knows that place is highly sought after, so we headed over to Tony’s, since Lady n the Tramp is a shared favorite movie between me and my mom. (Yet another movie that doesn’t get its own deserved spot somewhere in the World).

We were quickly helped and secured a spot for dinner that night. But as we cut through the Castle, my boyfriend convinced me to give it a shot and see if we could get a spot at the Royal Table. And ya know what? We did! We had a really, really, really nice CM help us, her name was I think Erin? And she got us a table and very nicely helped us cancel our old reservation at Tony’s. I was the happiest chick on earth because you know every girl’s dream is to have a meal in that Castle. You could be served gravel, but you’d be smiling and thinking you were the world’s luckiest person, eating gravel at a castle.

With the reservation set up, it was time to head back for Jungle Cruise. The only thing stopping us was however, the afternoon Parade, which blocked a direct route. Although this initially made me stamp my feet, fold my arms, and mumble something like “stupid something-something”, I got over it quickly as I watched the floats come down. What’s with the snow-globe domes? I’m guessing the characters inside get air-conditioning while the other characters on the outside get to deal with the Orlando sun n humidity? I was thinking how Cinderella and her Prince really should have let Fairy Godmother get to stay inside the snow-dome, since without her, they wouldn’t have met. But hey, that’s just me.

Jungle Cruise was packed. Glad we FastPassed that one. Walked on, and had lots of fun with our CM. The bloke was fast talking and hilarious. Good man. I would later see him as one of the lucky duckies to have previewed Expedition Everest. But more on my poutings and whinings on that later. :crying:

After JC, we subsequently went on to Fantasyland for Snow White, Peter Pan, and It’s a Small World. Actually, I was quite impressed by IASW’s update. It was beautiful in there – completely new and redone, with updated costumes and scenes. Both my boyfriend and I were both pleasantly surprised and glad that the old drabby feel was gone, and that lively and playful colors splashed the walls and costumes. So wonderful.

It was also on this ride that we started noticing the “CM wave”. Every CM that we would say hi to or wave bye to would do the same identical wave. Do they train CMs to do that? It’s a happy playful wave, palm out, fingers spread, and the trajectory is identical, from every character to CM. Lord. Did Disney even get a patent for that???

But after IASW, we were really pooped. The upright posture and tightness we had felt from the Mouse Crunch… all gone. You begin to notice that slight gimp in your walk, the soreness one feels in their legs, acheness in their feet, and the loss of that slight skip you arrived with when you bolted through the entrance gates… All gone. The only bolting you would do now is into a chair to rest. The Mouse Droop had set in. If I had my Mouse Ears on, one would be droopy and hung over the side. Me so poop-ed.

The only thing keeping me still alive was the thought of sitting in that Castle, and the magical hour was drawing near. But not before we got to watch Cinderellabration, and me hopping onto SM one last time. The show was cute, and I loved how they got all the Princesses out. But where was Ariel? Man, I tell you, when you have fins, you totally get shafted.

But when I finished SM (by myself, since my boyfriend wanted to be able to eat afterwards), I walked out to see that the Wishes fireworks had started. Oh man. You can watch that every night, and still be wow-ed and feel like a 5 year old. So as we walked towards the Castle for dinner, our necks were craned upward to enjoy the fireworks. It was really so wonderful.

Upon arriving at the Castle, Erin was still there, and put us into the waiting room, along with about 7 other families. I didn’t get a picture of Cinderella because she rushed out of the room, even though it wasn’t even 12 yet! How rude. Oh well. But after about 4 gongs and 4 royal family announcements, we were up. YAY!!! (Like Kermit style, YAYYYYY!!!)

That castle is beeeeeeeyouuuuuuuuuteeful. Just like you’d imagine a castle to be. Just romantic and beautiful. And the food was SO good. Our waiter/page was SO great too! Service, food, ambiance… What more can you ask for, right? And in case you’re wondering, we had shrimp cocktail, seared ahi-tuna (which my boyfriend LOVED), and roasted chicken breast (which I LOVED). Absolutely fabulous, dahling.

We left the Castle, and having that Extra Magic Hour, we didn’t need to rush out of the park. We did, however, rush right over to Main Street Bakery (or shall we say I dragged my boyfriend down) for some ice cream. Can anyone beat a day at MK, dinner at the Castle, and then ice cream? Especially ice cream with chocolate mouse ears??? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I left the park, munching on an ear (the chocolate mouse one), and a bit saddened by the thought that half of my vacation and stay at WDW was now over. It was sad and depressing, but I was still able to relish in the incredible day that I just had. Even as I was getting on the bus to go back to the hotel and I heard a child cry, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I looked at my boyfriend in disbelief, “Honey, there’s NO crying in the Magic Kingdom! There must be something wrong with him.”

And that, was my 2nd Day.


thanks for all the encouragement, everyone! it’s actually really nice to be reliving those memories. i miss it so much! fortunately, i get to visit Disney Hong Kong in June… will definitely try to get a lotta pics to post here.

and pics for this trip… are slowly coming.

lastly, ingamba – i’m sure we did cross paths at some pt! shoulda asked the moroccan CMs if they saw a cute lil boy named Jack, huh?


So you read my Trip Report Emperisse? I hope you like it because I love yours.

waiting patiently for the next installment


yep, i did read your report. same days as us, except you got to stay longer, you lucky duckies! and of course i enjoyed it, specially the pics!

you missed my mammoth 2nd day report huh? it’s up there, hogging up a lotta space. hope it’s not too much to digest. shoulda made it into an epic movie, directed by andrew jackson, of course.


Wow. I just read it. And I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. And being there the same week, well, it’s like reliving my own vacation again.

It’s also good to have a fellow NYer as a new member (I was born in Brooklyn). I hope you continue to be an active member of our DC family even long after your TR is finished.