My 40th B-day trip


OK, this may sound silly but I’m planning (in my head at this point) a WDW dream vacation for me, DH and DD. We just came back from WDW a few weeks ago and DH told me that he wanted to start vacationing at places other than WDW for the next few years (can you imagine???) :sad: . To make myself feel better I decided that our next trip would be to celebrate my 40th bday in Nov of 2008. (Note my countdown - have you ever seen such a high countdown number ??!!!) I also decided that we would go all out for this trip (I DO have 3 years to save for it!!)

My question is this - should I stay at the Poly concierge or the Grand Floridian (not concierge) or Beach Club? DD will be 8 yrs old by then, so I’m really not concerned with the GF not being “kid-friendly”. I really just want convenience, a bit of luxury and an unforgettable trip! We’ve stayed at the GF on our honeymoon and we stayed at the Poly 2 years ago, but not the concierge level.

Looking forward to your opinions! :flowers:


I’d say GF…and I think you need to go in late 06 to make sure :tongue: …some place other than WDW :eek: …I think someone needs to wake up their inner child. :wink: :tongue:


good advice RRRR2go.
She cannot just plan for 2008 and the big event without first trying and taking a look at what she might need/want first.
Grand Floridian I say


I would go for the polly. Spoil yourself with a great resort for your birthday. As much as I find the GF beautiful, I just think it’s to fancy…the Polynesian is grogeous and just more relaxing to me. I would be afraid to break something at the GF…lolol congrats on your trip…never to soon to plan.


(Note my countdown - have you ever seen such a high countdown number ??!!!)

Just to make a selfish point - your countdown makes ME feel better!

I’d go with the Floridian!


I’d go for the Poly-concierge!!!


That is the way I’ve been leaning. Does anyone know if ALL the concierge rooms at the Poly are lagoon view? Wouldn’t it be great to watch the MK fireworks from your balcony???

Thanks for the input!!!


No. they aren’t all lagoon views and the lagoon view is more money.


I have never stayed at GF or the POLY but I do have one suggestion. I think in order to make a good sound decision - you should go to the GF in 2006 and the Poly in 2007 to check them out. That way you will know for sure you are making the right decision! :mickey:


I would pick the Poly concierge, have you seen the new remodled rooms? They are BEAUTIFUL!!!


Here’s my 40th birthday trip report :wub:



Guess what…looks like I’ll be going to WDW in 2007 instead of 2008!!! Yahhhh!!! I was talking to DH last night. I told him how I definately wanted to go to WDW in Nov of 2008 to celebrate my 40th bday. I told him my only concern was that I hoped Thanksgiving would fall on the week of my bday so DD would only miss 2 1/2 days of school instead of 5. We looked online and found that my bday would be a whole week b/f Thanksgiving. That bummed me out, so he said lets look when it falls in 2007. Well my 39th bday is on the tues right b/f Thanksgiving! I was bummed and said I wished my 40th fell like that. He said well we’ll just go for your 39th instead!!! I am so happy now. Only 2 years away instead of 3!!! Even though its not my 40th, we decided to still “do it up” since then we’ll be celebrating my last year in my 30’s :crying: ! Kinda makes me not so bummed about getting older!!!


I’m in the same position. My husband made the same announcement about “there are other places to go on vacation other than Disney.” Of course, Wyoming was mentioned within the same breath. I told him that was just fine, whoever saves up the money to pay for their vacation pick first, will be the one we go to for that year. (Little does he know I already have a Disney savings account set up with half the cost already saved!!!)


Ok, now you’re making me want to go for my 40th…in 2008 also. My DH also made the same request of other vacation sites. Of course, now we live in Utah, so I’m looking at a Disneyland vacation. Hey…it’s not WDW, so he can’t complain, right?