My ADR's for July


I’ve started to make ADR’s this weekend… so this is what I have so far

July 3 - DS - 50’s Prime Time Cafe (lunch)/ Sci-Fi Dine-In (dinner)

July 5 - MK - Plaza Restaurant (lunch)/ Tony’s Town Square (dinner)

July 7 - Polynesian - Kona Cafe (breakfast)
Epcot - Matsunoma Lounge (lunch)/ Le Cellier (dinner)


Looks great so far! We ate at both 50s PT and Sci Fi a couple of weeks ago and both were good. Plaza Restaurant is a favorite of ours, a nice change from big ,meals and fast food.


Sounds good - we love the Sci-Fi, LeCellier and Tony’s Town Square.


Great choices! It just sounds like A LOT of food to me(2 sit downs in one day). But I hope you have a great time! :happy:


Looks great Jess!


ADR’s Look great…

By the way…
Where is the Plaza Restaurant, I have never eaten there and just can’t place where it is.


Great choices. Should be a great eating trip!


Nice!!! 50’s Prime Time is a blast. I’d love to eat at the Japanese place one day… you’ll have to tell me what you think of it! July is almost here!!! WOOHOO!!!


Great choices! We LOVE LeCellier. Sci Fi is loads of fun, and Tony’s is a nice break from the park.
Have a great time Jess!


The Plaza Restaurant is at the very end of Main Street on the right side just around the corner before you get to the restrooms. You can walk right by and not know it’s there, it looks like it’s part of the ice cream shop. It’s small, always cool, and the services is awesome. We try to eat there at least one time every trip.


Steph, I have never even seen it! (nor did I know there were restrooms over there!!! I always use the ones by the First Aid station behind Casey’s!!!)


It’s easy to miss the Plaza Restaurant, it blends right in. We use the restrooms right before the Tomorrowland Noodle Station all the time, they are usually pretty empty.


Go about half way down this page and there’s a picture of the inside of the Plaza Restaurant.


Here’a a picture of the outside that’s so easy to miss.


Steph, thanks so much!!! It really does look nice on the inside…and you’re right, I have NEVER even noticed it!!! It seems like a hidden gem!!! :tongue:


I WANT THE CHEESESTEAK!!! I am going to have to try this place! Cheesesteak is my favorite. And I don’t think I’ve ever had it in WDW!!! :huh:


It really is a hidden gem. It’s pretty small and like I said the service is always good. We like the lighter meals, we eat so many big, heavy meals that a change in nice. The menu isn’t big but it doesn’t need to be, there’s something there for everyone.


I hope you do try it, Kim. It’s such a charming place. We like to go for an early lunch after morning EMH so we can still enjoy a nice dinner that night.


Since all of my dining plan options are used, I will have to squeeze it in elsewhere. On one of the days we go to the parks NOT on the dining plan at the end of my trip!!! I will definitely check it out! THANKS STEPH!!! :wink:


I hope you do try it one day Kim, it’s a great restaurant. However, I wouldn’t waste a TS credit on the dining plan at Plaza Restaurant unless you just can’t use all of them. We treat it as a counter service restaurant since it’s not much more expensive than that.