My ADR's for late september trip!


Ok guys, I’m just so excited about my trip, I have to share my dining plans with you, what do you guys think of my choices?

Sep 29- Dinner at Garden Grill
Sep 30- Late breakfast at Crystal Palace
Oct 1- Lunch at Le Cellier
Oct 2- Early dinner at Sci-Fi
Oct 3- Breakfast with the princesses at Akerhus, dinner at O’Hana’s
Oct 4- Breakfast at Boma

I’m getting soooo hungry just thinking about it! :blush:


Love your choices!
The late breakfast at CP has always worked out great for us.


the plan is, hit the major highlights of Fantasyland and then go to CP for “brunch”.


Hey Buzz, do you get to see all of the characters for late breakfast?do they seem more rushed? that’s my only concern about the late ADR here, I want my DD to be able to spend some quality time with Pooh and friends!


It’s been my experience that you get BETTER character interaction with the later breakfast times! It’ll be great!


Thanks Allyson! My DD will be thrilled! :wub:


Yes, I agress with Allyson. We have always had “more” character interaction, since so many people were leaving and the lunch crowds wasn’t there yet.


Great, my ADR is for 10:10am, is that late enough? it was the latest I could get.What do you guys think?


LaTink, I have eaten at all of them but Akerhus and can say all places are really good. We really enjoyed Ohana. Our table was amazing and the food was great! GG was pretty good, but our server Steve is what really made our meal there. It has been awhile since Cp, but I rember the food being good and the characters were alot of fun.I love LeCellier, (gotta get the soup) plus, you can meet Tessa. Sci-fi we mainly like cause of the atmosphere, but the last couple of times we have gone there, the food has been really good as well as the service. We just tried Boma for the first time last month and really liked it. Good selection and the punch is really good too.


I’m thinking doing Sci-Fi just for milkshakes and appetizers, any suggestions? I’m most looking forward to Le Cellier, the soup, the bread, everything, and of course, meeting Tessa! who knows, maybe she’ll be our server, that would be extra special.


They have the best cookies and cream milkshake !!! Yum!! Oh, and their Spinach and artichoke dip was pretty good too !!


Oh lord! I’m going to have a mini attack here! I just want to get to WDW NOW! :crying:


I know! I go to Allears and read the menus for all the restaurants and just drool sometimes !!


I’ve already read every single menu from the Allears menu list! I love to eat, I do hope the food is better at WDW. Last time I went it was like 10 years ago and it wasn’t all that, but I’ve read a lot of good things about the improvements on the food department :heart: :heart: :heart:


It really has gotten better, IMO. As I posted in my ADR thread, we plan our trip around where we are gonna eat. LOl!!!


I do the SAME thing!!! I can make my ADRs tomorrow!!! :noo:


ADR Day! how exciting! better get up early!