December 10- none (Beaches and Cream I think)
December 11- none (MVMCP and counter service maybe)
December 12- Park Fair (brunch)
December 13- Crystal Palace (lunch)
December 14- Germany (buffet lunch)
December 15- Park Fair (dinner)
December 16- We leave :crying: (counter service)

I think we are going to go to CiCis also. So that’s it. Pretty set in stone. I know the ADRs are needed to get into places but I don’t really like the idea of having it all planned. Also my family made them all so I didn’t even get to pick one place :glare:

Go on tell me it’s all wonderful and amazing and I won’t be bitter for not getting to go to Le Cellier and Boma.


it is wonderful and amazing! you won’t miss boma and lecellier in the least.

better? really though, not going to them just means you have a reason to go back!! Have fun!!


If you go to beaches and cream get the kitchen sink.
All sound good.:mickey:


Thanks. I am sure it will all be good. And we are gonna get the kitchen sink cause there will be 6 of us. Maybe we should get two … :laugh: