Here are the restaurants that I’m planing to go to, I was just wondering what opinions you all might have (good or bad).

Cap n Jacks (dinner)
Garden Grill (character dinner)
Crystal Palace (character dinner)
Mama Melrose (dinner)
Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater (dinner)
Tusker House (character breakfast)
Hollywood and Vine (character breakfast)


I think they’re good.
I am not a fan of Captain Jack’s :blush:
I am looking at your list and do you know, the only restaurants we have tried were Captain Jack’s and Crystal Palace (love CP)
Looking forward to your trip report :smile:


We have been to them all. Good choices.


Thank you.


Everything looks great, we recently ate at Mama Melrose and it was one of our best meals.


Here’s my opinions since you asked for some!! LOL

Cap n Jacks------Last ate there in 2005–didn’t think it was good at all except for the Crab cakes which were OUT OF THIS WORLD!!
Garden Grill-----Last ate here in May of 2007–didn’t think it was that great --DH and I ate there for lunch though
Crystal Palace (character dinner)–Always Yummy
Mama Melrose (dinner)–Ate here our last trip (June) and it was DELISH
Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater (dinner)—Love the atmosphere–food however is so so…
Tusker House (character breakfast)—Never ate here since it’s been converted to a Table Service
Hollywood and Vine (character breakfast)–Never ate here at all before either…We’ll probably have to once DS gets a little older…