My ADR's


Well, today was my 90 days out and I had a very positive experience.

I got through in like 2 mins. My CM was very friendly and humorous. He told me to keep my hands from the middle of the table at Tepan Edo, and when I told him O’Hana he said, “So you wanna O’Hana.”

I got everything I wanted at the times I wanted except for one. So here they are (if you are interested).

9/8 - Trail’s End at 5:55 p.m.
9/9 - Mama Melrose’s at 6:05 p.m.
9/10 - we will be at AK and are doing 2 CS’s (picnic in the park and Yak and Yeti)
9/11 - Garden Grill at 5:45
9/12 - Tepan Edo at 12:30 and Cape May at 7:05
9/13 - O’Hana at 8:50 p.m. I really need to change this one, it was the only time they had. I am going to keep calling and see if we can get it a little earlier.
9/14 - Rose and Crown at 6:00

So I am pretty happy overall. We really wanted to be seated at O’Hana somewhere between 7:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. to view Wishes from the windows.

I will be calling regularly to see if someone cancels and if I can get in there a little earlier.

I was really worried when I called because I had heard about several others having a difficult time. It turned out to be a very pleasant experience. Actually I called a first time, got through right away, then something weird happened and a recorded voice was talking over both myself and the CM, then we got disconnected. I was frustrated because we were half-way through the process, but I had not gotten confirmation numbers yet.

I hung up and quickly called back figuring I would have to wait a really long time figuring I could not get lucky twice. The second time I held for less than 2 mins. and everything worked out. They were able to pick up right where we left off.

All of this was at 10:45 in the morning.

So calling Disney Dining does not have to be a negative experience.


It sounds like you had a fun CM. How nice. :happy:


Awesome, awesome, & awesome.


It was nice, especially when I was all ready for it to be frustrating and I had second and third choices ready.


Thanks, thanks, and thanks. I’m really looking froward to trying some new places.


That’s great, I’m glad you got what you wanted and had a nice CM.


Thanks, it really made he a pleasant experience.


Is there anyone I should call to let them know that I really appreciated that my CM was friendly and helpful?


So glad you had a good ADR experience today! Your choices look yummy.


Those all look like good choices to me. I hope you enjoy Tepan Edo.


Awesome! I call Friday! I can’t wait I NEED OHANAS! I may be there same day same time


Great choices! I LOVE it when I get a great CM…it REALLY makes it FUN to be on the phone with WDW Dining! I can’t stand it when you get those “i-hate-my-job, don’t-even-think-about-asking-for-CRT breakfast-or-Le-Cellier” CMs.:laugh:


Ya know I was just thinking. Perhaps I do need to book Ohanas for the same night as you have. I may need someone to help me get back to my room after my back scratcher & Lupe Lupe. I doubt Madison can direct me to the bus :laugh:
Just kidding


Congrats on your A+ experience…CM’s can make you or break you!! :slight_smile:


YEAH! I love hearing this - we book in 12 days!!!


Nice choices, its been soo long since we have been to Ohanas. The counter service at Yak & Yeti was surprisingly good last time we were there. :slight_smile:


Yum! Glad you were able to get your first choices. Sounds tasty!


Thanks. Making my ADR’s made my trip seem that much closer.


Thanks Brandon. We are looking forward to it.


I wanna know how you got such great times. I got 8:50 for O’Hana. Maybe because you are only a party of 2.