We are back 4 days I have been disney dreaming since we have left. I have had too much work to catch up on all week but now I can get to the fun part of my life. So here goes my attempt of a trip report:

Cast: Me36, DH37, DS17, DS12

Time: July 27-Aug. 6

Place: WDW, AKL concerige level, CBR

Tickets: MYW with park hopper and water park…

Transportation:Volvo SUV 18hr drive from Pa.

Monday morning 8:15 check into AKL:

After driving 18 hours and staying at a Ramada on Rt. 4 in Orlando the night before I couldn’t wait to check into AKL. When we drove up to the front of the Lodge I was transformed into another world. The cast member opened my car door and said, “welcome home.” I had tears in my eyes. I have never been to AKL and wanted to stay at the Beach Club yet when I walked into AKL I knew there wasn’t another place I would have rather been.

We were taken upstairs to the 6th floor to check in. We grabbed some bagels and coffee then sat down with concierge to be checked in. I looked at my DH who was sitting next to me and he had tears in his eyes-which then made me cry. I told the cast member, “don’t mind us, its his first visit” so she gave him “my first visit” pin to wear. I didn’t think he would wear it but sure enough, he wore it proud!

Our room wasn’t ready yet, it was only 8:30a.m., so we went off to MK of course! We arrived at 9:30 We were all smiling ear to mouse ear and went to splash mt. first. The wait was about 20min. WE GOT DRENCHED! By 1:30 concierge called my cell to let us know our room was ready (earlier then I expected) and by that time we did splash mountian, big thunder, pirates, philharmagic, haunted mansion and ate at Peco Bills. Real good CS and sitting outside was pretty.

We went back to the resort to walk around and check out our room. Every request I made was granted-Zebra trail, bunk beds, close to the elevator by the pool. The room was spotless and off the balcony we saw Giraffe and Zebra eating right below us.

During the afternoon, concierge has snacks out so we helped ourself to chips, goldfish crackers and cookies. DH had an African beer that he said was very good. We went to the pool area and were amazed at how beautifull and grande it is. At this point we are just overwhelmed and my DH is offically a Disney lover. He said that I kept telling him how amazing it is there but he told me it was way past his expectations.

Monday evening:
Dinner at O’Hanna for 6:45 and seated in 5 minutes. Our server was great and the food was real good. We got lays when DS12 took a bite of food that wasn’t mac and cheese. They had coconut races for the younger kids and a ukileylie (I think thats how you spell it) player that went around the room. We will definitely go back to O’Hana on our next trip.

The kids wanted to go Epcot for extra magic hours and I wanted to see Wishes, so…the kids took the monirail and we drove back over to MK. The kids went on mission space and said they almost lost their dinner and also sorin. We watched the parade and the fireworks sausaged between people because we didn’t get there early enough to get a good seat but again…were overwhelmed by the “magic.” My DH looked at me and said, “even the sound system here is amazing.”

After the fireworks we were pooped so we went back to the hotel and met the kids. We all enjoyed the pool, which was open 24hrs until 2:00a.m. and then off to disney dreaming.

Fav ride: splash mt, pirates.
Fav show: philharmagic

Tuesday TR to come later and also pics.


Welcome home! Great start to your TR. Seems like day one was jam packed with magic and fun. And after an 18 hour car ride. Kudos to you and your family!!!


Sound like you had fun and were only on day one can’t wait to hear the rest.


LOL! Now that is some excellent motivation! :laugh:


I can’t wait to hear more!!! Dh wants to stay in AKV concerige when we go “home” next December! Can’t wait to hear more about it!!


welcome home can’t wait to hear more.


What a wonderful start. I’m so happy AKL was even better than you expected, that’s what it’s all about.


Great start. Now where are the pictures? :blush:


Exactly! Don’t youknow you MUST post pictures or we get very :mad:!

Just kidding.:whistling


Awesome trip report so far!!! Love the title!!! I was overwhelmed last year on our first trip too!! Hooked instantly!!!


What a great start to your TR. I hope the rest of your vacation was just as magical!!


Great start, i cant wait to read more.


Ooohhh…I’ve been dying for a trip report! And conceirge…that’s just icing on the cake. Keep it coming!!!


Welcome home!! I can’t wait to hear more!! I am loving your DH reactions. My DH is like that also-who can resist a man who loves WDW?!?


Wow! What an AWESOME first day . . . such details! :heart: it, can’t wait to read more and see the pictures!! :happy:


Welcome back…can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip.


Sounds like AKL was wonderful! I would love to stay there!


About the pictures…I am a photojournalist and edit about 4000 images a week for wrok. Soooooo I decided to put my camera down (for the most part) and enjoy my vacation through both my eyes, only taking pics of animals, unique birds… and leave most of the family pics to Disney photo.
Well, my DH lost our photopass on the way home-has no idea where it is. Anyway…Lesson learned for this photographer and I hope you enjoy the not so interesting photos.

Sooooo…here are first day images.


some more MK pics in front of castle…


your report is awesome…I teared up reading about your DH tearing up. the AKL will do that to you every time. I stayed there twice and it made me tear up both times…it’s that beautiful.