I just called and booked Madison an appt for her birthday at BBB MK location for 10 am. After that we have an ADR at CRT at 11:55 for lunch.
We are doing the nails,hair and make up package. I am going to buy her a jasmine costume and wrap it up for her to open in the room before we set out for BBB.
Does anyone know what my package will include and what she will be able to keep?
The CM booking hardly spoke a lick on english so I didnt go into deatil with him.
Thanks all:heart:


She will get to keep her comb, her make-up, two new bottles of nailpolish, the left over face sticker jewels, and of course any accessories in her hair.
You guys will have a wonderful time!! Enjoy!!


I don’t know what she gets, but she is going to have a fantastic day!! You are a good mommy. Make sure to take lots of pics.


[QUOTE=Mickey Mom;967799]She will get to keep her comb, her make-up, two new bottles of nailpolish, the left over face sticker jewels, and of course any accessories in her hair.
You guys will have a wonderful time!! Enjoy!![/QUOTE]

Thanks so much! They told me to bring my own comb. They will give her one also?


Thanks so much:heart:
I’m not sure how good of a mom I am when I told her tonight I’m going to cancel it ALL if her teacher calls me 1 more time. She has a problem keeping quiet in class :laugh:


Both times we’ve been there we were told to bring our own comb/brush, which we did, however, they never asked for it and they used their own comb on her which they let her keep. Maybe it depends on hair type? Our daughter has straight fine hair and it works easily with a comb. I’d bring your own just in case.


Madison has super straight and long hair so Im going to bring one that works best for her. Most times I need to make 2 pony tails and tie together into 1 so it doesnt fall. Im also going to bring my instant freeze hair stray from cheerleading. It works wonders:laugh:


My girls have done the BBB package that’s just hair and make-up twice and they LOVED it! Madison will have a blast!


Sounds like so much fun! And Jasmine. :wub:


It is a good idea to bring your own hair spray if you want to spray her after the appointment. When we went for the first time two years ago, they did a lot of spraying throughout the hairstyle. Her hair was so hard it didn’t budge an inch the whole day. However, this year we noticed they did not spray the hair, instead they used a gel product (like super-glue) throughout the style. I’m thinking it probably has to do with eliminating the spray in the air within the boutique or something like that. Not good for those Fairy Godmothers to be breathing in all day. The gel worked well, but if you want some extra protection, I would give her an extra spray outside when she’s all done.


Katy had everything ready for her when we did it last May,She told them what hair style (picked out in brochure they have there) They took her back to a lil dressing room and she put on her Snow White outfit (W/slippers), then we went back out in the waiting area until they were ready (About 7 -10 minutes) she sat in the chair and they Bibbidi Bobbidi dooood it!!! As you read this I’m looking for a pic of her in the chair!!!


BBB pics from last May …


Katy “Rock On” Before and after pics !!!


That is one ROCKIN’ Snow White!!


I’ll be looking forward to the TR … Madison will love it !!! I think you will too:laugh:


She’s going to have an awesome time…you should do it too!!!


Thanks so much for the pics. Katy looks like she had a blast. I love the rock on pic. That’s my fav. Way to pose while on rockin rollercoaster. Thanks again for the pics! I will most def be doing a TR. I didn’t do one for my Dec/Jan stay because it sucked. I should put my pics on a CD and just upload my fav pics. See, I took my mom because I wanted her to experience DVC with me for the 1st time and it was a bad decision. Well…anyhow…thanks again for the pics. Madison has no clue about this one as it is for her bday.


:laugh: I thought about it but I’m going to have to pass. I’m still trying to decide if I should dress up for MNSSHP


I still say you should dress up!!!


For BBB or MNSSHP? I was thinking or doing something that doesn’t require me to have to worry if I’m going to be able to walk around right. Perhaps cruella?? I’m still undecided.