My Birthday Trip!


I’M TO EXCITED TO SLEEP! These were the words we said as we were leaving the house an hour earlier than we were going to. At 5am we started our two and a half hour drive to the airport. We were so excited! We arrived just fine and was able to park close to where the shuttle picked us up to drive us to the terminal, which was good as you all remember I left for this trip on crutches so Brenda was carrying all the luggage but the backpack which I had on.

They dropped us right at the correct terminal and we were able to drop off our luggage at the curb and they had a wheelchair there within minutes to take us to the plane. I felt silly but I sure did appreciate the wheelchair service as walking with those crutches is very exhausting.

Once to the gate, and we were the first ones there, (what a surprise) they gave me a pre-board pass and Brenda got us some coffee and a muffin. Time to relax.


Ooooh Pal!!! You’re back already?? Seems like you just left! Can’t wait to read more!


Now can I just tell you about pre-boarding?

I was first in line, then came an elderly couple with the wife in a wheelchair. She got out of the chair and sat in the chairs as I did, she did have a walker. Next came another woman in a wheelchairand she stayed in the wheelchair. Next - four people in wheelchairs and they all stayed in their chairs, and finally families with small children. Now as we sat there the elderly woman with the walker got up and walked without the walker all the way down to the restrooms and to get sandwiches for her and her husband. The four individuals in the wheelchairs all got up and walked all around going to the restrooms, getting food and coffee, something to read, etc. and came back and sat in the wheelchairs.

When we started to board the plane the attendant that was standing there took the elderly woman behind me first, that’s fine I don’t have a problem with that. Next they took all of the people in the wheelchairs. The attendant asked all of them if they could walk and they told him no. I was made to wait with the families with children before I could board the plane. When the attendant came back to get me he was so upset, he knew that there was nothing wrong with these people and that they were perfectly capable of walking as he had been there the whole time and watched them walk all over that end of the airport. I told him that I would have never done that myself but if I had known that those people would get to board before me and here I was the first one there and I have crutches and a swollen foot - I would have stayed in my wheelchair but I didn’t want to have a chair that someone else may have really needed.

When we got into the plane - three seats on each side - they had all sat in the seats so that no one could get in the row with them. And it was a full plane!

OK - I just needed to vent! :mickey:


Yes - it was a short trip :sad: but we had a blast! :mickey:


I marvel at the nerve of some people - evidently A LOT of people :dry:

Can’t wait to read more!


Welcome back!! I can’t wait to hear about your trip.

As for the pre-boarding, I can’t believe the nerve of people. No way could I do that.


That is awful! I hope the rest of the trip shaped up!


Where is the rest of your report? This is just a teaser!


Get to the part where you ran into me!!!(Not literally,I know!!)


WElcome home pal! The nerve of some people…unreal. You see it in the parks, but don’t expect to see it in the airport too. I wonder what they would do if that actually couldn’t walk…that just upsets me. Enough of that. I can’t wait till you tell the rest of this.


Me too! I felt so guilty using a wheelchair to get to the plane but so grateful at the same time as I did need it. You see, my mother is in a wheelchair, she has been since she was 13 years old and my entire life we have had to deal with different things. I have seen all the things that have been done for the disabled over my many years, all the great things that have been done in my lifetime and yet it is so hard still today to see people taking advantage when there are so many who really do need assistance.

OK now I will get to typing my trip report again!


One more comment on that. The people who abuse it are the one who make it harder for the ones who actually need it. I can’t imagine why anyone would “want” to be in a wheel chair. I can’t believe they wouldn’t want to use the legs they are blessed to have working. I am certain that many people who are bound to the chair would gladly trade with them. OK I’ll really stop now. You all know how I get…lol


Last comment from me too! You are so right, and as a child of a disabled parent - I would have given anything to have a normal Mom and a normal family, there we so many things that we could not do because our mom could not walk.

Be grateful of the fact that you can walk and your parents can walk. Having to be in a wheelchair and being a child of a parent in a chair was no fun!


They had a wheelchair waiting for me but when we got to Orlando. When we got to the elevator I got out of the chair and we went down to Magical Express. They were great! We got in line and once we were checked in the CM took us out the through the ropes so I didn’t have to walk back around to get out then she took us around the backside bypassing all the lines waiting to board and right out the door and into the bus! She was great!

We were so excited as we were going to our DVC for the first time. The bus driver was driving so slow…Brenda kept saying we could walk faster than he was driving. We finally arrived at our new home Saratoga Springs! It is so beautiful! We went in and Brenda got us all checked in and I took a few pictures. Then she tells me she has to get in another line to sit and wait, and I waited and I waited and I went outside and took some more pictures…

Finally we went back outside to get a ride to our room just as they pulled up, but he wasn’t on the clock yet so we had to wait again. I am to excited to sit, Brenda keeps telling me to sit as my foot looks like it is going to bust open it is so swollen. Finally a CM that was delivering luggage said that he didn’t want us to have to wait any longer so he made room in his van. He not only took us to our room but he walked us to our room carried our stuff and opened our door and asked if he could get us anything.

Sitting on our coffee table was a bunch of balloons and a certificate that says that we were chosen as the family of the week! We felt so special! I am sure it was just because it was our first stay there but it sure made us feel special!


Now we are just plain goofy as we check everything out. We had a one bedroom villa, we were in the Springs 4114. We were opening all the cupboards looking inside, checking out the washer and dryer, opening and shutting the three doors to the bathroom, and taking pictures of all of it.

Then I said lets jump on the bed - yeah right my foot is so swollen so Brenda takes the pictures as I get on the bed and POSE as if I was jumping. Doesn’t sound very funny now but we were laughing and having a great time. Then we went out on our patio and took some pictures.

We had not ate yet so we went to the Artist’s Palette and got some lunch and then back to the room. While we were at lunch they had delivered our groceries. Brenda went to get some ice and I sat on the couch and put my foot up while she unpacked the few things that we had taken in the plane with us.


awe even with your foot hurting it looks like you were having a great time


While I am sitting there Brenda comes in and tells me she has my first birthday present for me. This trip was my birthday present but now she has another. She hands me a small piece of white paper that is folded in half. She tells me to read it… It is a reservation to Chef Mickey’s! While I was taking pictures and waiting when we arrived Brenda and the DVC resort CM worked some Disney Magic and now I was having breakfast with Mickey on my birthday! :wub: :happy: :crying: :smile: :mickey:

We got changed and headed over to the Magic Kingdom. We needed to pick up our Annual Passes. When they handed us our passes they handed me a birthday button. From there we went right to the monorail and headed for Ohanas.

It was very crowded, we sat and waited, and waited. We got a couple of seats at the bar and had a drink. Got up so someone else could sit at the bar and waited some more. Finally we got a table.

The food and service were both great, we loved the potatoes. Watching all the kids and a few adults playing was so fun to watch. The children were really having such fun. We had a few coconuts land under our table. We could see the water pageant in the distance as the lights changed.

We headed back home. As we opened the door our luggage was there. Then I walked in a little more and there were flowers sitting on the dining room table, another birthday surprise. We unpacked and put everything away.


It sounds like you had a great time!! I kept looking for you at SS - we were in the Spings 3312. Isn’t it pretty at Saratoga? Did you see the baby turtles in the lake area? :heart:


Yes we did - see the turtles that is. We also had some ducks that came to our patio every morning, I named them…Donald and Daisy and Scrooge McDuck. Real original I know but Scrooge really was a scrooge!


I am so glad your birthday sounded so perfect!! Wasn’t it SO exciting to go as a DVC member for the first time? We were right near Alicefan at SSR in 3612 in “the Springs.” Isn’t it SOOO beautiful there?!?! We were in Studio and thought it was REALLY spacious, I loved the kitchenette!

Can’t wait to see more pictures! Fabulous so far!