My Christmas Present


Before we shuffle off next March, I told the wife I wanted a Titanium Ring with the Mickey Logo on it. Needless to say there aren’t any available …Sooooo I found out thru a local jeweler that I could use stainless steel. And Wall-lla, I told her what I wanted and have created a pic of what I’m giving the Jeweler to create . The ring cost $17 , to engrave it would be over $60 ( Whatever design )
So … here it is

The big logo represents me … the other two are my Wife and Daughter.


That’s cool!


That’s so sweet! Lovely!


Oh I love it. Very cool indeed :smile:


Soooooo nice!


What a neat ring!


Oh, I love it!


What a cool ring!


Thanks Gang …
I’ve already thought of another pattern for it. I thought it would look good spread out on the ring … A 3 point spread that would show the logo no mater how the ring turned on my finger.

I thought a tattoo would do but I already have have a sleeve on my arm of a brick wall. I wanted something different and original. :pirate:


Very cool! I love it!


let’s see the tat!!!
i love tattoos!:wub:


Excellent design. I like it.


[QUOTE=nubeanie;1003157]let’s see the tat!!!
i love tattoos!:wub:[/QUOTE]

I have some pics showing in profile . It’s just a basic brick pattern curling down my left arm. I do have my wife & daughters name in the top bricks.


Love it! Great Gift!


I love the design, would love to see a pic of your second design idea as well. I think it will be a cool ring.


What a great idea for the ring, I love it!!


Great design and I love the meaning of the 3 mickeys


that is such a lovely ring buddy! I would love that!


Love it! And now, I must steal your idea and get one for myself.:heart:


Hang on before you do …
Here is my second design I might choose!