My Dads project


My Dad put this together for my DD


That’s awesome!!


Love it!!!


Wow!! That’s fabulous! She will have a great time playing!


For your daughter, ya sure, my guess is he is having a blast with it himself, I know I would.

Very cool, way to go Grandpa!



OH MY GOODNESS! How cute!!!


Ditto to Harry’s thought.:laugh:


That is so adorable! :wub:


Very cute!


I love this…


Well done to dad it’s fabulous!


That is soooo cute and creative!!! I LOVE it!!!


That is awesome…would love to see more close up pictures of it.




That is fabulous! I wish I could come play with it LOL!


Woooooooooo ok now THAT is cool!


It takes him about 10 min. to set the buildings and monorail up. He is talking about moving it and adding the train which would make it bigger. It measures about 14’ x 12’ now and his additions he is talking 25’ x 25’ The GF and Poly also will be added along with some rides and more lights. It is neat at night with the lights. Tried to put a video on but will not load for some reason. Got to go back and enjoy the weather.


Well he added some things


Awesome! I love that.


Wow! Where is he getting all of the buildings? Is he building them himself?