My daughter is about to audition for the College Program~~ QUESTIONS!


Hi everyone, haven’t been around as much lately, but I knew If we had any questions this is where I should ask. My daughter has started the whole process for the fall College Program. She is so excited. We have a lot of questions. Are there any veteran CP’s or cast members that could answer some basic questions?

What rate of pay do the interns receive?
Do they have any food discounts while working?
How many hours do they get to work?
Do they need a car?
Are there any tips you can give to help the interview/audition process go well?
Once you audition, how long until you get a decision?
Approximately when are participants due in Orlando in the fall?

Any other info you might want to share would be much appreciated!!



I have no answers but wish your daughter well!


I will try and answer all of your questions! My sister was a CP.

  1. Interns receive minimum wage for Florida, which when she worked for them was like $7.50. Depends on what job you get too, because food service gets paid the highest but for merchandise or custodial you get paid minimum wage.
  2. No they don’t receive food discounts while they work. But each cast member area/park has its own cafeteria so it’s not like they have to eat guest food at outrageous prices. They get regular priced food.
  3. They work 40 hrs, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on how high of volume there is. But they never work like 20 hrs or anything. It’s always 32 or more.
  4. No, technically you don’t need a car, but it’s SUPER helpful. My sister hated riding the buses to work (they’d break down and at one point one caught on fire) but just going to eat, the mall, etc in general it was great to have a car. But you can survive without one.
  5. Tips for the interview process: It’s basically a regular interview, but over the phone. They ask the normal questions, like “what’s your biggest weakness”. They accept most people that interview, as long as they don’t come off crazy during the interview.
  6. Depends on when you interview. They have a few days designated to inform people if they’ve been accepted, but CP’s are some of the biggest cast member population. But if you apply in the early window it’ll take a while just because they wait for the specific dates to tell everyone.
  7. Not sure when they’re due in the fall, because my sister did spring semester, but it’s basically like a school schedule. She’ll probably have to go down in mid August.

I hope this helps! Good luck to your daughter!


Thanks for the well wishes and info!! Much appreciated! My daughter is so excited, she has been waiting for this since she was 10!

She has already had her 1st interview and has her phone interview is Feb 25th. Then we will be going to Phoenix in early March for an audition for Character/Performer as her degree is theater.

Any other info you can share would be greatly appreciated!!


I did the CP a million moons ago and the application process has changed a lot so I can’t speak to that.

The CP was definitely not a money making endeavor but it was doable to live on what they paid. I usually worked 5 days a week, about 32 hours but during spring break season, I worked mandatory 6 day weeks for a while. It was not a big deal as everyone is working a lot at the same time. Plus it was the most fun job I ever had so I never felt like I was at work!

I did not have a car and definitely found it totally manageable but if having a car is an option, I would recommend it. I didn’t mind the bus for getting to work but it was kind of a pain for grocery shopping. One of my roommates had a car and she ended up driving us around a lot so if she does bring a car, she should be ready for lots of people asking for rides all the time!

We did get a discount on table service dining (20%) when I was there but like I said that was ages ago. And as princesslindsay said, each park does have a cafeteria. At the start of my CP, I intended to cook a lot and pack a lunch every day but I often ended up working closing shifts so my meal at work was dinner and I got tired of cold sandwiches. In the end, I ate dinner at the Hollywood Studios cafeteria most of the time and found it an affordable and satisfying option. Plus it meant less trips to the grocery store on the bus!

I will say that one of my roommates was an entertainment CM (she was in the Tapestry of Nations parade) and her experience on the CP was a lot different from the rest of my roomies and I who all worked in merchandise, attractions or food and beverage. She worked 6 evenings a week, 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm the entire time we were there because the parade was only offered in the evenings at Epcot. She still loved it and she often got the night off if the weather was not cooperative for the parade and she’d spend the evening playing around Epcot.

Good luck to your daughter!


Go Emily! How did the audition go?


Both of my daughters were CP, the last one in Fall 2011. She had to be there the last week of August and came home after the first of January. Both took their cars and I can just say, they came home with a LOT more than they took down!! The oldest went for extended Fall which meant she went in late June or early July and stayed until after New years. Both came back more broke than when they went but they had a great time. They have to live in the housing provided by Disney and their rent is taken right off the top of their checks before they every get them. Rent is very high. Both girls stayed in apartments with 7 other girls. The youngest said she wished she had extended but that decision had to be made very early in her internship and she was still getting settled in.


My son did “Career Start” after high school, and is now headed down in the fall for the College Program. I think success all depends on attitude. If you think you’re going to make alot of money you’ll be dissappointed. If you think you’re on a 4 month vacation, you’ll be just as dissappointed. If you’re satisfied with making enough to meet expenses, don’t spend extravagantly, and see it as an opportunity and resume builder, you’ll love it.


You are 100% spot on, Big Al. At my previous job, I supervised a lot of college students and one recently got accepted to the CP. I know she will be fantastic and have a great time because she has an awesome work ethic and is totally aware of what she is getting herself into. She knows she will work a lot for not a lot of money and she is totally aware of what to expect. I know she will have a fabulous time and be an amazing CP.