My day in the World: Soarin' times 4


:nuke: :nuke: Warning!! Alert!!! Warning!!! Alert!!! :nuke: :nuke:

Anyone who feels faint when cheerleaders are sighted should not read this report!!!(Donut this means you!!!)

I went to Disney for the day to meet up with Neen626(we didn’t,don’t know why,hope everything’s okay with her). I got to Epcot after valeting at AKL since I was ending up there. I walked into The Land at 9:20 to find the stand-by line at 20 minutes. I grabbed a fastpass and went into the stand-by and got on the ride within 15 minutes(Concourse 2),and it DIDN’T have the orange smell!!! :mad: :mad: After getting off,I had about 20 minutes until my FP was valid,so I just sat there reading my book. 3 minutes after my pass’ window opened,I could get another one,so I got another FP for Soarin’ and used my first fast pass. Concourse 1 had a faint orange smell. When I got off,the standby line was only 30 minutes,so on the line again I went,to Concourse 2 and the non-existent orange smell. After the third time,I decided to eat lunch at Sunshine Seasons,which was delicious. Then I went on Soarin’ for the 4th time,all 4 times in the first row.(The intro gets a little old the 4th time around.) After that,I started over to MGM to meet up with Neen626. Along about the time I passed the Boardwalk pool(yes,I walked from The Land to MGM!!!),I heard the chateau du necessary calling my name,so I said to myself,“Don’t be a fool,you need to go otherwise you’ll be in agony or even have an embarrasing accident when you get to MGM!!” After that was taken care of,I continued on my way to MGM and The Attack of the Killer Cheerleaders!!! They were everywhere!! Apparently there was a competition at the Indiana Jones arena,so it was wall-to-wall cheerleaders. Actually,they were pretty well behaved. I tried Neen’s cell number a few times,but she never picked up,so around 2:30 I decided to go back to Epcot to hear the Voices of Liberty at The American Adventure. One of my favorite Voicers recognized me and said hello(I hear the Voices on average once a month). That was nice!! I stayed for the next show and then wandered around the WS until it was time to take the bus back to AKL for dinner at Boma,which was delicious as ever(Love them Zebra Domes!!) I then drove home. I never thought I’d get on Soarin’ 4 times in one day. that was great!!!


Wow! That’s definitely great, considering the last time I was at WDW (for four days in January) we didn’t even get to ride at all (always got to Epcot too late). Sorry about no orange smell on Concourse 2…that “stinks.” Ha ha ::groan::! I remember when Philharmagic first opened and they had a jasmine scent during the Aladdin scene which they ended up cutting out of the ride about a year later (when we asked, we were told that there was an issue with their scent supplier). We still miss it… :frowning:


sounds like a great day I wonder if Nina’s phone had a signal I aways have trouble with my cell phones signal when I am in the world I think that maybe someone is telling me that there should be no outside intrusion whatsoever lol


awesome you lucky duck!
You’re so lucky to live so close, we’ll have to meet and go on Soarin’ together when I get down there!

and OH! CHEERLEADERS! Now I get what people were talking about in the other thread…I had been sooo lost, I thought there was some park with cheerleaders LOL

also, wow you walked far! good job :smile:

and one last comment…I haven’t seen them yet but I go on their website alot and I am just blown away by the Voices of Liberty. I hope to sing with them or a group like them one day, I love acapella soooo much. Thats so cool they recognized you and everything :biggrin:

Sounds like a great day!!!


HEHE, WOW, Soarin’ FOUR times… and CHEERLEADERS EVERYWHERE??? Woooo, that sounds like a little too much pep and enthusiasm for me. haha!

Glad you have a great time!


Voices of Liberty has a website?? What’s the address??


Sounds like a pretty good day Mich!! :happy: :happy:


Hey! Super time, Mic! :c)

4 times on Soarin is a DREAM! That’s sooo cool :c)

YOu WALKED to MGM from Epcot???

Is that a long walk? Wow.



I would have avoided MGM like the plague (of cheerleaders, that is).:dry:


Soarin 4 times in a row? You crack me up girl… :laugh:

Thanks for sharing…that was awesome. I’m so jealous of your frequent WDW trips…


The Liberty Voices are a touring group, made out of mostly Voices of Liberty alummni

This site has some video of the Voices of Liberty

It makes me cry how much I want to be in a singing group like that. Since I was, like 10 years old and first heard “The Real Group” it’s been a dream of mine to sing in a acapella vocal group sigh

I’m going to listen to them sing all the time in WDW!


Sounds like a good trip. That is one of my favorite things to do though walk from Epcot to MGM. Plus when you make note of it you’ll notice you get to MGM at least one sometimes two boatloads ahead of the one you would be on. Erin I can walk it in about 15 mins.